Clarification on Category Designation for Youth/Ontario Cup Series Track events (U17/Junior) and Provincial Championships

The OCA would like to clarify some confusion regarding the categories for the upcoming Track season, especially in relation to the U17 and U19/Junior category at Ontario Cups

All Riders

  • A reminder that ALL categories are run based on the individual’s age as of December 31, 2016.


  • Individuals who are born in the year 1999 have a 2016 racing age of 17, and are thus considered 1st year Juniors/U19.

U17 Riders

  • 2nd Year U17’s (Born in 2000) are eligible to race the Junior/U19 category at Ontario Cups (exclusion being the Eastern Challenge) upon OCA approval. An upgrade request form must be submitted.
  • 1st Year U17’s (Born in 2001) will be required to race the U17 Youth Cup Series category.

Eastern Challenge Race

  • The Eastern Challenge Race is a Nationally Sanctioned Event that will also be included as part of the Ontario Cup Track Series (O-Cup #3). As a result of the National Sanction, categories will be run based on the rider’s National Code/Category.
    • This means for those riders who have been approved for an upgrade (Ex. U17 – Junior) in the Ontario Cup Series, your regular Ontario Cup Series category WILL NOT apply for this race.
    • You will be required to race the category that reflects your actual racing age as of December 31, 2016.

Provincial Track Championships

  • Those riders granted an upgrade will be required to race their original age category for the Provincial Track Championships. (IE. National Category).
    • So those riders upgraded from U17 to Junior will be required to race U17 at the Provincial Championships.

Should you have any further queries please contact us