1st Annual OCA Club Development/Excellence Summit a Major Success!

The 1st annual OCA Club Development/Excellence Summit took place this past Saturday and with just shy of 40 clubs represented, it was a great day for clubs in attendance to get some more information on how they can enhance their club in various areas.

Starting the day was the Sport Law and Strategy Group’s Steven Indig who discussed the new Not-For-Profit Incorporation Act that will be taking effect in Ontario and how incorporated clubs should prepare for the changes coming. The benefits of incorporating a club as well as items related to clubs with youth members were also discussed.

Following Mr. Indig was the Collingwood Cycling Club’s Steve Varga. Steve has presented at a previous Club President’s Meeting and his informative presentation on ride safety and guidelines for clubs was certainly one of the highlights of the day. Having discussed the issues the club had in its early days to how it and its ride practices have grown was appreciated by those in attendance and many clubs certainly are sure to take away some great tips from his presentation.


The afternoon presentations were more specific to increasing membership at the club level and types of programming in two key areas: females and youth. Kate Tinkler and Pam Dawes from the Thunder Bay Cycling Club joined us to discuss the way the club offers a female specific riding program at the recreational level and how this along with getting local bicycle stores has created a fun and enjoyably opportunity for women at their club and can be applied to many other clubs in a variety of areas.


To end the day, Ontario Cycling Association CEO Jim Crosscombe did a presentation on youth participation and the areas of concern going forward and how clubs will be the main partners of the OCA in increasing youth participation in the sport. He also introduced many to the Let’s Ride Program, a program specifically designed to get cyclists (and specifically youth) into the sport at the entry level with skill development being the main focus.

Club Excellence

All in all the meeting was a great success with some great feedback already from those in attendance on Saturday. The OCA’s main goal is to continue to deliver Summit’s like this annually which will help clubs excel as well as help the OCA meet its strategic goals for 2020.

We want to thank all presenters who came in and shared their wealth of knowledge with the group and to all the clubs who attended the Summit. It’s great to know that we have a core group of club’s that are looking to always improve and also help the Ontario cycling scene grow.