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2012 Ontario Summer Games August 15-18, 2012 – Toronto – Expression of Interest

2012 Ontario Summer Games August 15-18, 2012 – Toronto

Expression of Interest – Deadline March 15, 2012 – Click Here

Mountain Bike will once again dominate the sporting scene in Toronto in 2012.

Will you be there?

The City of Toronto has been chosen as the host of the 2012 Ontario Summer Games by the Sport Alliance of Ontario.

The Mountain Bike events will take place Albion Hills in Bolton, The OCA will host this prestigious event and Event Manager Sean Ruppell has some of the most technical and challenging course planned for Ontario’s best U18 athletes.

Opening Ceremony will take place on Thursday the 16th of August. Competition will commence on the 17th with Practice and Time Trial. Saturday the 18th will be the Team Relay and XC race for Male and Female.

The Ontario Summer Games (OSG) form an integral part of the OCA’s strategy to develop younger riders. One of the primary targets of the High Performance program is to develop riders who are competitive at the Canada Summer Games (CSG). Ideally we want to see young athletes compete in the Ontario Summer Games as a prelude to the Canada Summer Games, as the athletes in the CSG are typically 17-23 years of age.

The following regions will be a priority for the 2012 games

Regions to Be Represented

48 Riders from 12 Regions (Regions outlined below)

4 Riders per Team (Min: 1 Female)

1. Barrie/Orillia 7. Sudbury/North Bay/Timmins
2. Bruce/Collingwood 8. Ottawa/Kingston/Peterborough
3. Hamilton/Niagara/St. Catherines 9. Toronto East (Durham, Uxbridge)
4. Kitchener/Waterloo 10. Toronto West (Mississauga/Milton)
5. London/Woodstock 11. Thunder Bay
6. Toronto/North York 12. Windsor/Sarnia
*Please note that if there is not a team from one region another region may take that place.

 The OCA is encouraging athletes that don’t have a team to also complete the expression of interest form available at and email this form to Brendan Arnold, OHPSI Head Coach by March 15, 2012.

 MTB- XC Age Requirements

Athletes in the T2T and L2C stages of LTAD

Male – 14-17 (as of Dec. 31, 2012) Female – 14-17 (as of Dec. 31, 2012)

The top Cadet (15-16) age group for Male and Female) in the Individual MTB race will receive automatic Provincial carding for the 2012/2013 season

Coach Development at OSG

The opportunity for coaches to gain experience at OSG is very crucial in our coaching development model, coaches will also get to experience a multi-sport games and will deal with High Performance athletes at a “Train to Train” phase of their careers.

Coaches for the OSG in 2012 must be minimum Level 1/Introduction Comp A certified to attend the games.

Please look for updates on our website

Expression of Interest for Teams must be received by March 15, 2012

This is what some of Ontario’s best U23 athletes had to say about the  Ontario Summer Games experience.

 “The Ontario Summer Games were definitely a cool experience. I only realized this after I rode the Olympic test event, but the way all multi sport games are run is similar. So in a small way, riding in OSG is a big step into the Olympics”.

Evan McNeely – World Cup U23 Athlete and 2010 National Champion – OSG 2008

 “Best parts from OSG’s were definitely the friendships made with people you would otherwise only see race morning. Staying in the same place definitely helped build more of a friendly feeling between competitors. The fact that everyone is representing the sport is a big thing too. Building those relationships was really important to having fun in the sport. Fun=good=fast!

 It also was a great starting point for learning how to travel around to races and be comfortable with everything, both trips to OSGs were also amazing since everything was super organized from the meals to accommodation and events. A great starting point to get comfortable with the feeling of bigger races like Nats and World Cups”.

Mitch Bailey – 2011 U23 Silver Medallist – OSG 2006/08

Expression of Interest

2012 Ontario Summer Games

Team/Club  Name or Individual Reason for Interest

 All teams  and individual riders must complete an expression of interest form, the expression of interest must be received by Brendan Arnold by March 15, 2012 Brendan’s email is

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