Monthly Archives: April 2015

Upcoming XC O-Cup #1

  What a forecast!!! The Scott Ontario Cup #1 presented by Plastiglas starts with an amazing course, dusty trails and finally some riders who may have had some time in the saddle!  Thanks for being part of this very special series! For this year, we have all the classic venues back, with a return to […]

2015 1st Quarter Event Report

The first four months of 2015 have felt like the busiest in OCA history. The first ever Ontario Cup Track series started in February and ended in April with the Provincial Track Championships. Each event saw anywhere from 110 athletes to over 150 in attendance, attracting riders from all over Canada including some from the northern […]

Gear Restrictions – Youth Cup Road Series

The 2015 Ontario Road Youth Cup Series will be “rolling out” gear check for ALL competitors at all Youth Cup events. It has been considered for the past few seasons however, and was partially implemented for U17 racers last year, but for 2015 we have decided to implement the rule for all racers for the […]