North Carolina Endurance Camp – Updates

A selection of daily reports from our athletes

Daily Report – March 11th

By: Noah Simms

Today we hit the MTB trails for the first time!  Gunnar, Liam, Kaleb, Watson, Sean and I (Noah) headed to Pisgah Forest to have a go on the Mountain Bikes.  With a quick stop at “The Hub Bike Shop” for trail recommendations then it was on to the trails!

Starting out on a 45 minute gravel road climb got the legs moving.  We left our egos at the trail head and then began the single track.  According to the sign at the start, you weren’t allowed to rollerblade on Black Mtn Trail……..don’t know who’s tried that before!


We continued on to a sick downhill for about 20 minutes, scoping out tough sections before attempting.  We ripped some trail at the bottom before heading back to the car to restock on water and food.

The next loop we did brought us back up the climb to an awesome trail with loads of flow and some sweet jumps! A couple final trails at the bottom plus a spin back on the road made the day even more epic! Can’t wait to get back to the forest soon!


Daily Report – March 10th

By: Ruby West

Today we tackled the famous Cesear’s Head Mountain! This is an annual ride we do at the camp, to get a hill climb/TT under our belts.

Cesear’s Head is about 10km of switchbacks, steep pitches and dreaded false flats. To do this ride we needed to load up into vans to drive to the climb since it’s too far away to ride to and we don’t want to be too exhausted when we get there to do the effort. At 8:45 we rolled out in our 5 vehicle caravan headed through the twisty mountains of North Carolina and South Carolina towards Aunt Sue’s – a cute little road side stop that we unload the bikes before riding some 10 km to the base of the climb. After slipping into groups and riding over to the climb, we were sent off individually to do our first ride up the climb, this time at about a 7/10 effort level to get a feel for the climb before we did our full out TT up the mountain. With our identifying numbers taped to our helmets we were ready to descend back to the bottom to start our timed effort. Riders were sent off every 30 seconds in TT style and rode from bottom to top all out. Times were recorded at the finish by coaches and we all regrouped in the parking while refuelling with some Coke and rice bars before heading out on the rest of our ride. Once everyone was finished the second climb we joined back up with some of the riders who did the first climb only and then split into 3 groups, a short 1 hour ride, a medium 2 hour ride and a long 3 hour ride.

Spirits were high even when the legs were feeling pretty exhausted for the remainder of the ride. We all finished our rides in a small town at a gas station where we met Kevin Jones at the vans and trailer to get some food before changing and making the trip in the vans back to camp just in time for dinner. A long day out on the road, but definitely one for the record books!

Daily Report – Day One

By: Liam Mulcahy

Here we are again in beautiful North Carolina for the 12th annual OCA March Break Endurance project! It is shaping up to be a blast as it always is at this camp, especially with the sport specific training that is incorporated into the camp this year for the track and mountain bike athletes!

IMG_0418    IMG_0413

Day 1 was just to get us rolling after spending 17 plus hours in the vans the previous day. We all did the same 62km loop in 3 separate groups. We spun down from The Mountain into Highlands and rode a busy but very smooth road all the way to Cashiers, where we turned in search for some dirt. We found dirt after a magnificent winding road, only to find that is was freshly graded. Needless to say we pushed through the inch deep sand and gravel back out onto some more pavement, only to be met with another dirt road. This time is was hard packed and our group had no problem getting through to the other side and out onto a climb that is one of my personal favourites, Walhalla Road. From there we climbed back up to the town of Highlands were we then climbed back up to The Mountain.

IMG_0414  IMG_0416

After our ride and some lunch we headed down to the bottom of our rather long and steep driveway with our road bikes to work on some bike skills with the coaches. We split into 2 groups, I started off practicing the slow races and tight turns with Andrew Watson while the other group was working on feed pickups and some wheel bumping with Sean and Nick. After the 2 groups had switched and mastered all the bike skills we headed back up for a stretching session to cap off an awesome first day.

Looking forward to all the days ahead of us!