9th Annual OCA Spring Endurance Camp – South Carolina – Day 6 and Final Wrap Up

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9th Annual OCA Spring Endurance Camp – South Carolina

Day 6 – Noah Simms


 Today it was freezing! just kidding it was +10, okay, a little colder than the other days that were over 20 but in the same day, Ontario was in the middle of the snow storm so in comparison it was toasty. Today there was two different distances (102km and 136km) with the option to do Mt. Sassafras at the end. So we got ready and headed over to “pre-hab”, everyday we do multiple stretches and other warm up exercises. After that we headed out.When your group finished you had the option to climb Mt. Sassafras, this climb is insanely hard. You can never imagine how hard it is until you actually do it, but when you get to the top its a pretty cool view. And we got the tour around from M.P and saw the highest point. But… the coolest part of the whole climb was the descent, when your bombing hills iit teaches some pretty good bike handling skills. It was awesome

South Carolina – Final Wrap Up

by Sean Kelly

The OCA spring trip this year was outstanding! We took 38 athletes to Rocky Bottom, SC. for ten days of excellent riding, talks, cooking and adventure. The camp was full of good surprises and stand out performances. Martin Rupes of NCCH had an amazing climb up the Caesars Head Climb riding it in under 30 min, while Rune Schafer (U17) was second fastest at an impressive 30:51! On the women’s side a rookie to the camp took top honours, Katherine Maine rode the climb in 37:29 while Clare Holton was right behind her with a time of 38:01!

The athletes also cooked just about every meal for themselves.  Seeing cadet athletes cooking up a storm is not only motivating but down right impressive.  We had a couple of fantastic group dinners where just about everyone pitched in, either helping prepare the feast or with the cleanup party that ensued after. The cabins that the athletes stay in can get a little crowded and messy but with the help of some veterans like Liam Mulcahy, the cabins were kept pretty clean.

We were exceptionally lucky with the weather as most days reached a high in the mid-teens and it was often sunny. We had several cold mornings and only a couple days of rain. Everyone got lots of practice dressing in layers and how to ride a pace line to keep warm.

We had plenty of great and epic rides that climbed through the hills of the Carolina’s. The “flat” days often had over 1500 meters of climbing while our big hilly days would have over 3000m! We practiced lead outs, sprints, group riding skills, climbing and descending. Every athlete improved and there were many that improved tremendously! In the sprints Quinton Disera was king while Clare Holton and Hillary Lowery reigned supreme. By the time we packed up and loaded the vehicles with our bags and bikes, everyone was pretty exhausted, optimistic about the season ahead and dreading getting back on the trainer!

The OCA would like to thank all of the coaches, staff and especially the supporters of the camp which included the CSIO, OCA, Smuckers Canada, E Load Endurance, Louis Garneau, Shimano Canada and HOJ Truck Rentals.

We can’t wait till 2015. The camp will run March 13-23, 2015! Mark it on your calendar.

 Sprint Work with Quinton Disera leading the way

Camp MVP Katlyn Dundas with Sean Kelly


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