Provincial Carding Program

FINAL: 2016-2017 Provincial Carding Program

OCA Athlete Coaching Subsidy Program

The primary benefit of the OCA High Performance Athlete Coach Subsidy Program is to assist in off-setting coaching costs for the athlete. The OCA will make payments directly to the athlete’s coach in three (3) installments. The coach and the athlete must submit scheduled reports to the High Performance Manager. The coach must be at minimum fully certified NCCP Level 1/Intro Comp Trained.

2016-2017 Selection Document (updated Mar. 2, 2016)

Quest for Gold Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP)

Specific objectives of the Quest for Gold Program are:

  • To help athletes continue their pursuit of athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition;
  • To encourage athletes to stay in Ontario to live and train;
  • To compensate athletes for earnings lost while training during their summer school break;
  • To enable athletes to successfully pursue excellence in sport while fulfilling their educational goals;
  • To increase athletes’ access to high performance coaching; and
  • To enhance training and competitive opportunities available to athletes

Selection Criteria

The program is under review by the Ministry and has not been confirmed for 2017-18. Should there be no significant changes to the program the DRAFT selection criteria below will be used.  Please note this criteria is subject to final High Performance Committee and Ministry approval.

2017-18 QFG Selection Criteria (updated July 19, 2017)

2016-17 QFG Selection Criteria (updated Dec. 5, 2016)

2016-17 Draft List of Ontario Card Nominations Announced!

The Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) is pleased to announce a draft list of athletes and alternates who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2016-2017 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by OCA, approved by its Board of Directors and applied by the High Performance Committee.

Nominated Athletes [FINAL]
Travis Samuel Road
Jordann Jones Track Endurance
Nick Wammes Track Sprint
Chris Ernst Track Endurance
Joey Desjardins Para
Noah Simms Road
Niko Doyle BMX
Josh Samells BMX
Matthew Staples Road
Ali VanYzendoorn Track Endurance
Erica Leonard MTB
Tyler Orschel MTB
Graydon Staples Road
Dana Gilligan MTB
Emily MacPherson BMX
Ruby West Road
Charlotte Creswicke Track Sprint
Emily Marcolini Road
Michael Foley Road
Tyler Clark MTB
Sydney Flageole-Bray Track Endurance
Justin Correa Track Endurance
Dawson MacDonald Track Endurance
Hillary Lowry Road
Colton Woods MTB
Kaitlyn Shikaze MTB

Please note that this list is unofficial and is subject to change pending the outcome of any appeals and/or any re-selection decisions made by the PSO/MSO Selection Committee or the Quest for Gold Appeals Committee. As a consequence, this list should not be seen as final.

Athletes who have not been nominated and who wish to appeal this decision can do so through the following process.

  1. By January 23, 2017, athlete asks OCA [ or 415-855-1717] for reasons explaining why they were not nominated for an Ontario Card.
  2. OCA responds to athlete by January 26, 2017
  3. If the athlete is not satisfied with the OCA’s response, the athlete may submit a Notice of Appeal, found below. A Notice of Appeal will only be accepted from the athlete or their parent/guardian on the MTCS-provided template (typed or hand-printed, no hand-written entries) through email, regular post, registered mail, courier or delivered in person. One appeal cannot be written on behalf of multiple athletes. The Notice of Appeal must be received by MTCS by noon on January 30, 2017. Appeals that are delivered personally or by courier shall be deemed to be received on the date of delivery.

Notice of Appeal Form