Attention All Track Cyclists

To all Track Cyclists

We have heard a number of members talking about collusion taking place during some of the events that are part of our youth and O-Cup events. We are well aware of the claims and perhaps more important the challenge faced in identifying actual acts of collusion.

As specifically stated in the regulations, elimination, points, and scratch races are “individual” and not team events. Riders are expected to sportingly defend their chances.  Coaches are expected to avoid any instruction or gesture that advises or promotes collusion.  In the spirit of competition and athlete development, there is also an expectation that coaches will avoid the appearance of promoting or advising collusion.

We expect cooperation between the officials, coaches and athletes to promote a safe and fair racing environment that will also support the development of strong athletes and the sport as a whole.

Jim Crosscombe                                                                                                                                         CEO