Bidding submission deadline for 2015‐2016 CC / UCI events

A message from our friends at Cycling Canada:

Dear Partners,
I’m writing to you in order to make all our partners aware of the bidding submission deadlines for 2015‐2016 CC‐UCI events.

All the information concerning event applications is currently available on our web site in each cycling sports event organizers‐bidding page.

The event committee will meet in early April and in October to analyze all the applications for the following events:

Cycling Sport 2015 UCI/CC 2015 Canadian
2016 Canadian
BMX Passed Drummondville –QC 15/03/2015
MTB Passed Saint-Félicien-QC 15/03/2015
Road / Para Passed Corporation Tour
de Beauce-QC
Letter of interest by 15/03/2014
Bid package by 15/10/2014
Track / Para 15/10/2014 Milton – ON 15/10/2015
Cyclo-cross 15/10/2014 Winnipeg, MB 15/10/2015

*Deadlines for major UCI events such as World Championships have early bidding deadlines. Please contact the CC for more information regarding major event bids.

** For more details on Road Nationals letter of interest contact the CC office.

We hope by providing this information in advance, it will assist you in discussing upcoming events with potential organizers and for the organizers to submit a full bidding package to the event committee by the deadlines listed above.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback on this matter.