Catamount Classic, Vermont U.S. Day 1 & 2

Team Ontario has taken five Junior Mountain Bike athletes to compete at the Catamount Classic in Vermont this weekend. The goal of this project is to help those athletes going to the World Championships to gain some UCI points. The Catamount Classic is one of only a few races where juniors can earn points to help improve their start position at Worlds. We also hope to give those athletes not going to worlds increased experience racing at a high level outside of Ontario and on new and challenging courses. Here is the first report from a couple of our riders.


Yesterday the day started off with Sean picking everyone up at various Starbucks locations. Once everyone was aboard we began the 8 hour trek to Waterbury, Vermont where we are staying. Once we arrived all the athletes went for a spin to get rid of the driving legs. Meanwhile Sean cooked us an amazing dinner and by amazing dinner, we mean the best dinner we have ever had type of dinner. After that we cleaned up and hit the hay.


Today we had a fairly relaxed start with breakfast at 9 and pre-hab at 10. Following pre-hab we loaded the bikes into the trailer and headed off to the course. On the way to the course we were treated to some pretty wicked views of the mountains. Upon arrival we could see the course was going to be fun as there were two pump tracks beside the parking lot along with a teeter-totter. We all did 4 laps with one fast lap. The course consisted of a lot of open grass fields and fun flowy single track, with a total of 5 gap jumps/drops. Once we finished riding we headed back to the house with one stop at the grocery store for dinner supplies. When we got to where we’re staying we commenced making dinner and cleaning/tuning bikes. We finished off the day relaxing at the house.

– Braedyn and Owen