Road Chief Commisaire Election Call

The Ontario Cycling Association is accepting nominations for the Provincial Road Chief Commisaire. The deadline for submission of nominations will be Friday, February 9th, 2018.

What is a Provincial Chief Commissaire?

A Provincial Chief Commissaire is at a minimum a Provincial Level A Commissaire who has active status, an excellent knowledge of the rules, solid practical experience and the time to devote to the organizational aspects of being a Chief. Provincial Chiefs are responsible for calling Commissaire meetings, working with the OCA Officials Committee and the OCA Development Coordinator to assign officials to races, determining which Commissaires meet the requirements for active, trained and inactive status, working with the OCA, Commissaires and OCA members to address disputes arising from the application of the rules at races, reviewing and revising all communiqués before they are posted to ensure consistent application of the penalties, and recommending disciplinary actions and upgrades for Commissaires to the Officials Committee and the OCA. The term of a Provincial Chief is two years. A Provincial Chief may serve up to three consecutive terms. The term runs for 24 months starting January 1.

Provincial Chief Selection Process

Chiefs are selected by majority vote from Commissaires who have active or trained status in that discipline. The OCA office will send a call for nominations by e-mail to all active and trained Commissaires in the discipline. Nominations will close at midnight 7 days from the time the call for nominations was made. Nominations will only be accepted by e-mail. Once the nomination window has closed, candidates will be sent an e-mail asking them if they accept the nomination. They have 48 hours to respond. If two or more qualified nominees accept the nomination, a vote will be conducted in such a way as to protect the voter’s anonymity. If there is a tie, the official with the highest level of certification will be chosen. If there is a further tie, the Chief will be selected based on the number of years of experience as an OCA Commissaire. If only one qualified candidate emerges, the person will be acclaimed at the end of the nomination period. If there are no nominations, then the OCA Board of Directors will appoint a Chief.

How to Nominate

Send an Email to:


  • Name of the person being nominated
  • Name of the person submitting the nomination