CX Category License Requirements

For those interested in participating in any Cyclocross Regional, O-Cup or Provincial Championship events this year, please be advised of the licensing requirements for all categories. This year there will be NO non-member permits available for those without a license wishing to participate. In order to facilitate your registration process and prevent any problems prior to race-day, please refer to the category chart below.

Category Chart:

Those who wish to participate in ANY upcoming CX events must have a valid 2018 UCI or Citizen Permit in order to participate.

Participants in the following categories MUST have a 2018 UCI CX license:

  • Junior Men
  • Elite 1/2 Men
  • Elite 3 Men
  • Master 1 Men
  • Master 2 Men

All other categories are able to use a Citizen Permit.

Please note: All categories are taken into account using the age as of December 31st of 2019.

Should you have any licensing questions prior to registering for your next CX event, do not hesitate to contact the OCA office at: (416)-855-1717