Canadian MTB Nationals – Team Ontario

July 20, 2019 – July 21, 2019 all-day
Michael Suraci

The Ontario Cycling Association will be selecting athletes to represent Team Ontario at the Canadian Mountain National Championships.  Any interested athletes are asked to submit their application online at HERE

Anticipated Team Format

Team Composition: A maximum of 12 athletes will be selected to represent Ontario.  Athletes will need to meet the minimum requirements outlined below.  Each category [U17/U19/U23] will need to be filled with a minimum of one athletes [who achieved minimum criteria] with additional category selections based on prioritization format below.

Selection Events

Races to be used for selection:

  • Canada Cup#1 Bear Mountain
  • Canada Cup #2 Mont Tremblant
  • Canada Cup #3 Baie-Saint-Paul
  • O-Cup#3 Kelso
  • O-Cup#4 Port Hope

Selection Criteria

Minimum Requirements:

  • Athletes must participate in a minimum of two (2) selection events [one event must be a Canada Cup]
  • Athletes must complete a minimum of one (1) Canada Cup within 10% of the winner’s time
  • U23 athletes must have one (1) result within the top 10 at a Canada Cup listed above
  • U19 athletes must have a top 8 result at a Canada Cup listed above
  • U17 athletes must have a top 4 result at a Canada Cup listed above

Automatic Selections:

  • U19/U23 Athletes with a podium result at the Canada Cups listed above
  • U17 Athletes with a gold medal performance at a Canada Cup listed above
  • U17/U19/U23 Winners of O-Cup#3 and O-Cup#4

Additional Athletes will be prioritized as follows:

1)      Average placing based on the best two (2) results from the listed Canada Cups above

2)      In a situation where there is a tie among the athlete results, the higher placing result will be used to break the tie

3)      If a tie continues to exist, the top result from O-Cup#4 will be used

4)      Should a tie continue to exist, the decision will be made by committee selection using input from coaches.

  • Once all categories have a minimum of one (1) athlete [who has met the minimum criteria], additional athletes may be selected based on the prioritization outlined above.
  • Any exceptions to the minimum requirements will be at the discretion of the High Performance Committee

If an athlete does not accept their selection, alternates may be invited based on prioritization outlined above.