Road O-Cup #1 – Mosport Classic

March 30, 2018 all-day
Canadian Tire Motor Sport Park
3233 Concession Rd 10
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6

It’s been a long time in coming but Ontario Cup Cycling is back at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Historically known as Mosport).  The challenging ~4km circuit has 10 turns, 50m in climbing per lap and is a wide 40 feet in most sections.  No centre lines to worry about, no curbs, no traffic.  This will truly be a treat to launch your 2018 Ontario Cup Road Racing Season!

The course starts on the front straight and descends downhill to pretty much the halfway point. Descents are short and steep and the turns are fairly wide and nothing that is seriously sharp. In the car/motorcycle community, this track is known in North America as one of the fastest for average speeds because of the long turns. Perhaps you’ll get to experience this on your bike!

Full event information available in the TECH GUIDE – UPDATED


Details will be provided on race day check-ins and registrations.  We expect this to be in the main building and you will be directed there from the entry gates.

The facility has good bathrooms and parking and there are concession stands but no bank machines.

  • Bring cash for concession stands (breakfast and lunch, drinks hot and cold being served)

  • Onsite water is well water so please bring your own

  • Tents or protection from the rain or weather (Setup will be on Asphalt so prepare accordingly)

    • Please use contact page to request tent space in Pit Lane – Specify tent size​

    • Space limited to first come first served

  • Garbage bags… Zero tolerance for littering!

  • Folding chairs (No bleacher access)


  • Track will be opened for pre race scouting and this schedule will be posted below

  • Walking the track is permitted. If weather is poor, please be aware of tracking mud/grass onto race surface

Absolutely no open warming up on the track unless it’s open for warmups. The property has paved roads within it’s gates for pre-race warmups.  Off property all roads are well paved and traffic is minimal.