Ride with Rendall – Gatineau Challenge

May 15, 2018 all-day
Gatineau Park

The Gatineau Challenge is a bi-weekly series group training ride taking place in the Gatineau Park along the main parkway loop.

Riders must register once and sign in each time they attend after the initial registration. All riders must have a UCI licence to participate. The intended target is Elite Men/ Women and Master A/B (experience group riders).

The group ride is not an official race; there is no formal start/ finish timing or results. For safety purposes, and to allow group riding in the Park which is normally not allowed by the NCC, the organizer will provide a lead vehicle and a sweep vehicle which will remain behind the lead/ main pack. The vehicles will provide rolling closures at the 2 intersection crossings. Any rider who is dropped from he main pack and who falls behind the sweep vehicle is responsible to ride single file and respect the regular rules of the road for the duration of their time in the Gatineau Park.