Steaming Nostril

April 14, 2019 all-day
St. Jacobs, ON
Cycle Waterloo

Join the hundreds of cyclists in the 7th annual Steaming Nostril cycling event.  From the seasoned racer to the first time rider, this is the ride for you!

Steaming Nostril is a 65km Cycle for Allrace geared towards cross, mountain bike, fixed gear and fat bikes. The terrain is rolling to flat surfaces. 60% gravel roads, 20% paved roads, 10% farm laneways (private property), trails and farm property (private property) in Waterloo Region. The rest stop is fully supported with food and water and has a portable toilet. It is located at approximately 40km.
The Runny Nose event is 40km event for those riders who want a shorter distance with a similar terrain with 1 rest stop at 25km.
Riders will have access to the following:
  • Wash station on site to clean your ride after you cross the finish line.
  • Stuff your face after a hard race with a hot meal, included in your registration.
  • Various prizes for categories including overall and age based. Fatbike and single speed categories included for 2019.
  • Full police support on route so you can ride through intersections without worry.

Get your Beard On for Steaming Nostril

Cycle Waterloo will donate $1 for every finisher of the race to the Man who grows the best, longest, most unique beard for Steaming Nostril. Cycle Waterloo will donate the funds to the Beard winners charity of choice. Overall female winner of Steaming Nostril will choose the Best Beard winner at the Awards ceremony.
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