2016 Canadian Track Championships (U17/Junior)

April 1, 2016 – April 3, 2016 all-day
Mattamy National Cycling Centre
Pan Am Blvd
Milton, ON L9T 8Y9
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Cycling Canada
613-248-1353 #2612
2016 Canadian Track Championships (U17/Junior) @ Mattamy National Cycling Centre | Milton | Ontario | Canada

Canadian National U17/U19 Track Championships and World Championship time trials.

This event will be live streamed via YouTube by the team at Arrond.  Watch the action live from the Mattamy National Cycling Centre April 1st – 3rd.

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There are 2 important changes to the U17/Jr Championships:

Moving from Omnium to stand alone race format

Through discussions that began with the Track Competition Review and then at the 2015 Canadian Track Championships, it has been decided to move away from the Omnium format for the U17 and Junior categories.  This move away from the Omnium format is primarily based on the following recommendations:

It allows the U17 and Junior riders to race the bunch events to win a Canadian Championships title, and to not necessarily protect their position within the Omnium standings.  We want to see all U17 and Junior riders “race” these individual and bunch events; learning what it takes from a technical and tactical standpoint to win a scratch race and a points race.

From the coaching perspective, it allows you as a coach to provide clear race winning instructions to your riders before the events, and more time to provide constructive feedback after the event.  With potentially multiple riders across age groups from a Province/club competing in an Omnium, the amount of time to provide clear one-on-one instruction and feedback can be limited.

Gearing: unrestricted for Junior

The decision was also made to remove the gear restriction for Junior riders.  It needs to be made clear that this unrestricted gear ruling is only for Junior riders, and that the U17 gearing will remain restricted at its current limit.  In collaboration with National Team coaches, this decision was made to accurately reflect the conditions faced by Junior cyclists at Junior World Track Championships where there isn’t a Junior gear restriction.  As selection for the Junior World Track Championships is based on meeting time standards, and not necessarily on winning races, we need to assess all potential Junior National Team members’ performances on demand, on gears and in conditions that will be faced at the Junior World Track Championships.



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