University Cup Race #2

September 16, 2018 all-day
ON L0N 1M0
University Cup - OUMRC

The U-Cup is a fun grass-roots cross-country mountain bike race series for college and university students. Alumni are welcome but results will not be counted toward overall individual or team U-Cup championship points.

The Ontario University Cup Race Series is in its 18th year of existence. The series was created because mountain bike racing did not exist at the university or college level in Ontario, Quebec, or anywhere else in Canada. Many Ontario universities and colleges (As well as our friend’s at McGill University in Montreal) now have recognized mountain bike clubs and teams. The series is organized by the Ontario University Mountain Bike Race Council (OUMRC) which is composed of university, college students and alumni.

If you know mountain bikers who are attending other universities or colleges have them find out if their school has a University Cup (OUMRC) rep, if not, why not get involved yourself? See our contact page for more info.

We have fun! New riders are MORE than welcome!!