US-Cups Project

April 4, 2018 – April 16, 2018 all-day
Los Angeles
Sean Kelly

The Ontario Cycling Association will be sending a small team of XC mountain bike racers to the Bonelli and Fontana PRO XCT events that are taking place on April 7th and April 14th. It will be an option to add one or both of these races to the Bear Mountain Canada Cup trip that we are running the weekend prior.

  • Athletes must be aged 17-24 in 2018
  • Athletes must have a valid UCI licence
  • The rationale for this project is as follows; To best prepare Ontario athletes to be ready to compete at the second selection event for the World Mountain Bike Championships in 2018, this is the BSP Canada Cup #2. The goal of this trip to Bonelli and Fontana is to give our athletes an opportunity to race at a high level before the selection event in May.
  • Another goal of this project is to teach the athletes to travel and race with efficiency. During this project the athletes will be traveling a long distance and have limited time to prepare onsite and at the hotel. They will need to practice efficient packing, riding, training, and course familiarization techniques that will ensure optimal performance in a setting that is unfamiliar and potentially challenging. Again this is done with the goal of replicating what it will be like to compete at Worlds or another high caliber race.
  • The final goal of the project is to allow athletes to gain UCI points. This will help give them a better start position at National Championships and at World Championships.

Application [Application deadline January 15, 2018]

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