The Wild Rock Sportive

July 7, 2018 all-day
Wild Rock Outfitters
169 Charlotte St
Peterborough, ON K9J 2T7
Charlie Bryer

Event Summary
In partnership with Wild Rock Outfitters in Peterborough, Ontario, we are thrilled to add a second event in 2018 to the FRETORI calendar. The idea behind the Wild Rock Sportive is to create a new cycling event experience, by incorporating an emerging style of riding with a celebration of cycling following the ride.

The Ride Itself
Unlike the Shimano Gran Fondo which begins on a Sunday morning, the Wild Rock Sportive will begin in the afternoon, at 3pm on a Saturday. Cyclists will ride a route that incorporates some of the finest roads in the Kawartha region, including gravel and road sections that will be challenging and yet absolutely stunning to ride. With the long daylight of summer, the scene is set to be remarkable.

Riders will complete 90-130km over a hilly parcours. When cyclists arrive back at Wild Rock Outfitters, we will have food, drinks and a fun interactive social evening planned from 8pm onwards.

The composition of the groups will be established through a distributed questionnaire following our registration deadline. We will work with every rider to ensure they ride with the group that is best suited to their abilities; faster, slower, longer or shorter – we will accommodate. This ride is about the experience of cycling with like-minded people.

The Packages
Beyond the ride and experience we are also going to add value through our courtesy packages that every guest will receive upon arrival to the event. For the Wild Rock Sportive we are offering a slightly different program for our packages. There is no cycling jersey or kit included in our package, however we will have specific packages for men’s and ladies. As a rule, we always strive to provide meaningful gifts that have real value and utility to them. For the Wild Rock Sportive we are aiming to keep costs reasonable because as a bonus after the event, for those who are interested, we will have a Wild Rock + FRETORI jersey – designed by the riders themselves, available for purchase following the event. More on that later!

Technical Info
Technical guides, courses and final detailed information will be available in May. If you have any questions about certain details, please check our “FAQ” section below. The steps to register can be found just below and if you still have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out to

How to Register:

  1. Click on the “Wild Rock Sportive Registration” box.
  2. Click on either “Army Green Street Tee” or “Cyan Street Tee.”
  3. Scroll down, on the left, select your sock colour, sock size, gender for the tee & size.
  4. Read Waiver and check the box.
  5. Proceed to check-out and follow the steps from there.

*If you ordered a “Winter Package” apply your “PROMO CODE” in during the checkout process.*