Road O-Cup #2 – Calabogie Classic @ Calabogie Motorsports Park
Apr 22 all-day Register Today

Calabogie Classic – 2018 Road O-Cup #2

Online registration closes Thursday, April 20th @ midnight

*Please note there will be an additional $5 fee for race day entries. We encourage all riders to pre-register online (see below).

All O-Cup racers MUST hold a valid UCI Race License

If you have not yet purchased your 2018 license you can do so here: memberships/ontario-cycling-association-2018


Before April 8 April 8 – 14 April 15 – 19
All Other Categories $65 $70 $75
Junior Men / Women $45 $45 $45

Quebec racers can use the guide below for category reference

All licencing questions should be directed to the OCA via support@ontariocyling.org

If you have any questions or concerns about the main event, please contact the organizer Paul at pchedore@yahoo.com

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King Mountain Bike Series @ Centennial Park
Apr 24 all-day

The King Race Series provides a friendly and competitive event for riders or all ages and abilities.

Join us weekly at the Centennial Trails in King Township to improve your fitness, skills, and overall love for mountain biking.

Enjoy weekly draw prizes, demo bikes, and guest sponsors!


Keep up to date by following the King Weekly Series Facebook page.

Midweek Criterium Series @ East Mississauga
Apr 24 all-day

#MWCrit returns to Tahoe Blvd and Buckhorn Cres for another exciting season of Tuesday night racing!

Details to follow!

Coulson Hill Weekly Series @ Simcoe Regional Forest
Apr 25 all-day


  • The races run every Wednesday from April 25 to September 5, 2018.
  • Racing starts at 7pm sharp and courses are open for pre-riding from approximately 5pm on race day.
    • The courses remain marked throughout the week although some signage may be missing or incorrect.
    • Race length varies depending on category (~1-4.5km)
  • Overall race length is ~40-60 minutes (~20-30 minutes for Mini-Me)
  • Courses are always fresh!
    • A new course is created from scratch every other week – no two are alike.
    • Courses are meticulously groomed, safe, and well marked.
    • More than 16 hours/week goes into course preparation.
    • No one in Ontario puts more work into their race courses.
  • Multiple categories – every rider will compete against people of similar skills & fitness. Inclusivity is the name of the game and everyone has a home:
Expert (open age) Master Expert (age 40+)
Sport Women (open age) Master Sport Men (age 40+)
Senior Sport Men (age 18-39) Junior Sport Men (8-17)
Novice (combined men/women, open age) Mini-Me (age <12)
  • Participate often for Championship Points
    • Medals & prizing for top 3 in each category
  • Weekly draw prizes – you don’t have to win to be a winner.
  • Factory demo days
    • Ride bikes from a variety of different manufacturers – real “in the dirt” test rides!

Participation Requirements

  • An Ontario Cycling Association Citizen’s Permit must be purchased by every participant (unless you have a valid OCA/UCI permit).
  • These permits are not available on-site. They MUST be purchased online from the OCA before you participate in your first race! Link
  • This is a non-negotiable insurance issue. “Test rides” or “tryouts” are not permissible under any circumstances. Single-day licenses are also unavailable.
  • A bicycle in safe operating condition with at least one functioning brake.
  • A properly fitted CPSC-certified bicycle helmet.
  • The first time you join us, please try to arrive by 6pm. This will allow time for paperwork, number plate assignment and a pre-ride of the course.


  • Race plate – $5 annual fee
  • Races are $15 each (20 races total)
  • Seasons packages are available for $260 including race plate (SAVE $45!)

Family & Season Packages

We love our family. That includes the extended family that rides with us at our series. And we want EVERY member of the family to get out there and ride so we’ve introduced an awesome way for riders to save money:

Due to riders neglecting to bring their race plates to the event – and the timing difficulties that ensue – there will be a $5 fee for riders participating without their race plate. Temporary plates will be issued in this circumstance.
Lap times will not be counted without a clearly visible plate.
Ciociaro Race Series @ Ciociaro Club
Apr 26 all-day

This unique circuit takes place on a closed course, approximately 1.3km in length, featuring a small hill, shaded areas, and 4 rounded corners at the Ciociaro Club in South Windsor just off the 401 Hwy.

Series dates for 2018 are as follows:

April 26, May 03, May 17, May 31, June 14,July 5, July 12, July 26, Aug 09, Aug 23


On line reg : https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/ciociaro-race-series-2018    Closes April 15/2018

On site registration is available for series and single night .

Cost:  Series $145 plus processing fee ($9 on line / $20 on site)       Single Race   $25 cash only

Juniors no charge but must have license and fill out forms.

Race Categories and Start Times

C Men & Women (separate groups): 5:55pm (20-30 mins + 3 laps)

B: 6:30pm (40-55 mins+ 3 laps)

A: 7:15pm (60-90mins + 3 laps)

Race times increase as daylight does and slight decrease last two races

NCCP Introduction to Competition Training to Race @ Milton Velodrome
Apr 28 – May 5 all-day

The course will take place on consecutive Saturdays; April 28 & May 5.

Instructor: Kelyn Akuna

Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition (R2R) is the context for coaches who will primarily work with new competitive cyclists at the community and club level. These athletes will likely be in the Learn to Train to Train to Train stages of LTAD, although the context could apply to any new racer of any age. These athletes have basic but developed cycling skills and the desire to begin competing within a structured training and competition program. They should have passed through an entry-level Community Initiation program (CCI) to help them develop the basic skills.

Training2Race is the a 2-day in-class workshop.  Participants should have completed the Introduction to Competition- Training Basics course prior to registering.  Please contact michael.suraci@ontariocycling.org if you have questions regarding this requirement.

Registration will close April 12, 2018


Almonte Paris-Roubaix
Apr 29 all-day

Like its inspiration, the 29th Ottawa Valley Paris-Roubaix Cyclosportif mixes well paved roads with abominations. The route includes mud, gravel, sand, rocks, unmaintained roads, woodlots and one switchback climb. The classic route is about 80 kilometres. A shorter 40 km is an option for riders and includes 3 woodlots. Note: U15 and U17 riders are eligible to ride only the 40 km route, and must have an adult riding with them.  U19 riders may choose either route, but if age 16 must have an adult riding with them.

This is a cyclosportif ride, not a race. The roads are open to other users. All traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs and staying to the right, apply to all riders at all times. Marshals may stop or delay riders for safety reasons. Any rider who disobeys their instructions will be immediately removed from the event.

There will be no motorized support, partly because some of the roads are not passable for motor vehicles. We strongly recommend that riders choose cycling equipment for its robustness, not its lightness. Any kind of bicycle may be used, although cyclocross bikes with large section road tires (at least 28 mm wide) are generally the best choice. Fixed gear bicycles must be equipped with at least a front working brake as is required under the Highway Traffic Act. Tribars are not allowed. It is each rider’s personal responsibility to ensure that their bicycle is legal and safe for road use in Ontario.

All riders must carry a working pump and at least two spare inner tubes. Tubular tire users should have at least two spare tires or one tire and an aerosol patching inflator. A cell phone is an excellent item to carry for calling for help if necessary.

Helmets are required at all times, including during warm-up.

For the safety of other riders and to avoid congestion, personal or team following vehicles are not permitted. Any riders or members of teams who violate this rule will be disqualified.

The only store along the route that will be open is at Clayton, but it is very close to the finish. Some riders will take nearly 4 hours to complete the ride, so riders must carry sufficient food and drink for their ride. Note: due to the rough route, be sure that your water bottles and pumps are well affixed to you and/or your bike.



Registration will be online only. There will be NO in-person registration session.

NO Late Registration:  There is NO late registration and NO day–of registration.

Entry Fee: $20 all categories, plus an online registration processing fee.

No single day permits are available for this ride. All entrants must hold either a valid 2018 UCI Racing License or a 2018 Ontario Cycling Association Citizen Permit. All riders must present proof of their UCI license or OCA Citizen Permit to the registrars at the in-person number pickup session at Euro-sports or on the morning of the ride to receive their numbers.

Those who are waiting to receive their UCI Racing License or Citizen Permit need to present a proof of purchase or an e-mail from their provincial association noting that they have permission to enter the event. This can be either a paper copy or the email on a smart phone. Citizen Permits, which are valid for the entire season, will only be available online through the OCA. There will be no Citizen Permits sold on site.

Paris to Ancaster
Apr 29 all-day Register Today


For over a century the roads of northern Europe have been home to the toughest bicycle races in the world. The most famous of these, Paris to Roubaix, takes place each spring over brutal cobblestone roads that have been preserved in their historic condition for over 100 years. Inspired by this classic race, the Paris to Ancaster has taken place for the past twenty four years over the roughest farm lanes, trails and gravel roads we can find. Combined with unpredictable spring weather and the largest field of riders assembled in Canada, it has become a classic race experience for everyone from average riders to Canadian Olympians. Join us on April 29, 2018, our 25th annual event, to become part of the history of this unique race.

70K Race

The legendary race. For over 20 years competitors have fought each other, and sometimes the elements, over this course. It changes a bit from year to year but the essence of a tough ride remains. From full out on the rail bed beside the Grand River to the 90 degree turn up Sharp’s Lane, to Old Hwy. 24 and on to the McIntyre/Nixon Rail Line. The mud of Rose Farm and the forest of The Prengerlaan. More mud at Mineral Springs Road Mud Chute and then to the mud pit of all time – the Powerline Road Mudslide. Just when you think you’ve made it you’re hit with the equally legendary climb up Martin’s Road. You’re only 3km from the finish but it is steep, rutted, wet and you’re tired. If you can stay on your bike for the whole climb you’re good. Even overall winners have had to run up this climb in the past. Challenge yourself on this true event.

Be prepared! Event goes rain or shine! Bring a spare tube, pump, patch kit, rain jacket and gloves.
There has been snow and sleet on race day so be ready for anything. Helmets are mandatory.

40K Race

Starting in 2001 we have offered a shorter race. Many people have said “It’s only 40K”. Then they wonder why they are hitting the wall at the finish. At 40K long it is a very fast race. You also get a lot of the best, or the worst, of the 70K. There is the slow mud of Rose Farm and the beautiful forest of The Prengerlaan. There is the Mineral Springs Road Mud Chute and the infamous Powerline Road Mudslide that sucks off shoes and clogs bikes. You still experience the legendary climb up Martin’s Road with its steep, rutted, and wet track. If you can stay on your bike for the whole climb you’re good. It is a good challenge for many racers and it sees more participants every year.

Be prepared! Event goes rain or shine! Bring a spare tube, pump, patch kit, rain jacket and gloves.
There has been snow and sleet on race day so be ready for anything. Helmets are mandatory. 

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Midweek Learn to Race @ East Mississauga
Apr 30 all-day

With almost 20 years of teaching riders how to race, Midweek Learn-to-Race p/b MEC returns to Tahoe Blvd and Buckhorn Cres. People of all ages, abilities and genders are welcome! Coaches and experienced instructors will be on hand to conduct learn to race clinics, encouraging fun, confidence and skills training. Clinics cover (but are not limited to): cornering, sprinting, pack handling skills, echelons, race tactics, bumping wheels, energy conservation, and more. Riders (including youth) are split into smaller groups of similar ability to keep the sessions fun and safe. Our circuit to closed to all traffic except LTR attendees.

Even if you’re not road racing, but just want to improve your bike handling skills for triathlons, Grand Fondos, or charity rides, LTR is for you.

Midweek Criterium Series @ East Mississauga
May 1 all-day

#MWCrit returns to Tahoe Blvd and Buckhorn Cres for another exciting season of Tuesday night racing!

Details to follow!