Nordic Cats ‘Cross Club @ Thamesford
Aug 21 – Oct 30 all-day
Nordic Cats 'Cross Club @ Thamesford

The Nordic Cats ‘Cross Club is a cyclo-cross race training series.  We meet Wednesday evenings near Ingersoll, ON to train with fun races. From seasoned racers to first timers, we’re a great venue to try out the sport of cyclo-cross!  ​Come out and join us in 2019 starting mid-August!

Information, registration, and results:

Contact: Michael Jaffray –

2019 Ontario Provincial Time Trial Championships @ Arthur Arena
Aug 25 all-day
2019 Ontario Provincial Time Trial Championships @ Arthur Arena

2019 Ontario Provincial Time Trial Championships

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Three distances are available to participants of all license categories. Anyone may participate, but only OCA licensed riders qualify for the Championships. There will be sportif categories for those who don’t want to/can’t participate in the championships, as well as those who fail bike check. Riders must have a UCI license to participate within championship categories. Citizen permit and/or one-day permit holders may participate within identified categories.

There will be no day-of registration for this event.

2019 Provincial ITT Tech Guide v1.4



2019 Ride for Karen @ Markham District High School
Aug 25 all-day

About Ride for Karen

Started in 2002, the RIDE FOR KAREN is a yearly cycling event that is held as a tribute to the life and legacy of Karen Tobias and to raise money for charities that help people living with cancer, and those who care for them. In the last sixteen years the Ride for Karen has raised over $2,540,000, which was used to help build and furnish new cancer care facilities, provide much needed resources for cancer support centres and send kids with cancer to camp. As a cancer patient, Karen knew first hand that hospitals were not a very positive environment in which to spend a lot of time. Karen wanted to make a difference and was dedicated to improving the quality of life of cancer patients with one goal in mind – Improving Hope – which she felt was a critical component of cancer care. We as a family have created the Ride for Karen to continue her work in an effort to harness the positive power of hope. All the monies raised from the 2019 Ride for Karen will be used to send kids with cancer to camp. This year’s ride will feature three events, a 200km course, a 160km course, and a 100km course.
Event Details
Choose from three events:
  • 200KM Double Metric Century: In the Double Metric Century ride, cyclists will embark on a 200 km ride through the valleys and farmlands north of Toronto. The 200 km ride is a difficult undertaking even for a seasoned cyclist and acts as a suitable metaphor for the strength that Karen showed in her tireless battle with Breast Cancer.
  • 160KM Century Ride: In the Century Ride, cyclists will embark on a 160 km / 100 mile ride through the valleys and farmlands north of Toronto. While scenic, the 160 km ride is a difficult undertaking even for a seasoned cyclist and acts as a suitable metaphor for the strength that Karen showed in her tireless battle with Breast Cancer.
  • 100km Metric Century Ride: In the shortest of the courses, cyclists will embark on a 100 km ride through the valleys and farmlands north of Toronto. While shorter than the other rides, the 100 km ride will be a challenging undertaking for recreational riders and acts as a suitable metaphor for the strength that Karen showed in her tireless battle with Breast Cancer.
Mountainview 9 Lives Enduro @ Mountainview Ski Centre
Aug 25 all-day

Come ride the best trails that Mountainview has to offer at the Nine Lives Enduro. The Newest craze in MTB racing, an endure is a same day stage race, where riders will compete on a series of timed stages, and must proceed to the next stage.

Bonus events, great prizes, and a super social, laid-back atmosphere will carry on the 9 hour tradition!

Register here!!/events/7802-mountainview-nine-lives-enduro

Midweek Learn to Race
Aug 26 all-day

With almost 20 years of teaching riders how to race, Midweek Learn-to-Race p/b MEC returns to Tahoe Blvd and Buckhorn Cres. People of all ages, abilities and genders are welcome! Coaches and experienced instructors will be on hand to conduct learn to race clinics, encouraging fun, confidence and skills training. Clinics cover (but are not limited to): cornering, sprinting, pack handling skills, echelons, race tactics, bumping wheels, energy conservation, and more. Riders (including youth) are split into smaller groups of similar ability to keep the sessions fun and safe. Our circuit to closed to all traffic except LTR attendees.

Even if you’re not road racing, but just want to improve your bike handling skills for triathlons, Grand Fondos, or charity rides, LTR is for you.

For more information: CLICK HERE

King Race Series @ Centennial Trails - King City
Aug 27 all-day

The King Race Series provides a friendly and competitive event for riders or all ages and abilities.

Join us weekly at the Centennial Trails in King Township to improve your fitness, skills, and overall love for mountain biking.

Enjoy weekly draw prizes, demo bikes, and guest sponsors!

For more information: CLICK HERE


Midweek Criterium Series @ Tahoe Blvd & Buckhorn Gate, Mississauga
Aug 27 all-day

#MWCrit returns to Tahoe Blvd and Buckhorn Cres for another exciting season of Tuesday night racing!



West End Crit Series @ Tunney's Pasture Government Campus
Aug 27 all-day

A level rider criterium series for an hour and alternating Tuesdays beginning July 30th, with B level riders until September 3rd, given each group a series of 3 races.

More challenging multi corner criterium designed to improve rider skill. Our newest venue will be in the heart of central ottawa with plenty of parking.
Coulson’s Hills Race Series @ Bradford, ON
Aug 28 all-day

This local series has run non-stop since the early 90s – making it one of the longest running cross country mountain bike events in the country. With a focus on fun, family, and progression of skills and fitness, we have turned rookies into passionate cyclists and veterans into champions.

Race Information:

  • The races run every Wednesday from April 24 to September 4, 2019.
  • Racing starts at 7pm sharp and courses are open for pre-riding from approximately 5pm on race day.
    • The courses remain marked throughout the week although some signage may be missing or incorrect.
    • Race length varies depending on category (~1-4.5km)
  • Overall race length is ~40-60 minutes (~20-30 minutes for Mini-Me)
  • Courses are always fresh!
    • A new course is created from scratch every other week – no two are alike.
    • Courses are meticulously groomed, safe, and well marked.
    • More than 16 hours/week goes into course preparation.
    • No one in Ontario puts more work into their race courses.
  • Multiple categories – every rider will compete against people of similar skills & fitness. Inclusivity is the name of the game and everyone has a home:
Expert (open age) Master Expert (age 40+)
Sport Women (open age) Master Sport Men (age 40+)
Senior Sport Men (age 18-39) Junior Sport Men (8-17)
Novice (combined men/women, open age) Mini-Me (age <12)
  • Participate often for Championship Points
    • Medals & prizing for top 3 in each category
  • Weekly draw prizes – you don’t have to win to be a winner.
  • Factory demo days
    • Ride bikes from a variety of different manufacturers – real “in the dirt” test rides!

For More Details: CLICK HERE

Registration: CLICK HERE

Hardwood Wednesday Night MTB Races p/b Cannondale @ Hardwood Ski & Bike
Aug 28 all-day

Ontario’s most popular and longest running weekly races. Great for new riders/racers and fun for the whole family!

Choose from 6 different courses each week from the 2.5 km Sprockids to the 15 km Radical.

All ages and abilities welcome!