Fall Epic 8 Hour – Final Entry Deadline Wednesday Sept 24 at Midnight

Final Entry Deadline is Wednesday Sept 24 at Midnight. There is NO entry after this time.

This is the best time of year for riding and racing! The trails are in great shape, the long range weather forecast is fantastic, and the trees are starting to turn beautiful colours. Join us for the Fall Epic 8 Hour, and have a fun day with riding friends on a fast and flowy course.

Specialized Bicycles will be hosting a “Test the Best” demo Bikes. Try a lap on a new 29”r Specialized!


For all the event details and easy On-Line Registration see www.epic8hour.ca.

We look forward to an awesome autumn day of fun and great riding!

Why do an Epic 8 Hour? There are several reasons why it’s’ more fun than a conventional race.

  1. Because the Epic 8 Hour is defined by time, not distance, nobody finishes “last”. All riders finish at about the same time. Slower riders can ride at their own pace without feeling like they are “holding up” anyone. Faster riders who want a good workout can put in more laps and ride more distance.
  2. In a conventional race, most of us never see the faster riders after the start line, and never see them in action at all. In an Epic 8 Hour, most of us will get passed by faster riders at some point. These “fast guys and girlz” are inspiring to watch, and it’s a good chance to see how skillfully these talented athletes negotiate the course.
  3. When your team-mate is out riding, you get to relax, hang out with friends at the start/finish area, and watch the progress of the other teams.  “Enduro and Team Relay events are credited with the revival of mountain bike racing in recent years, mainly as a result of their participation and festival nature”.

So if you have never participated in an Epic 8 Hour, it’s a good chance to give it a try, challenge yourself, meet some other riders, and celebrate our sport!

For all the event details and registration see www.epic8hour.ca.

We look forward to an awesome fall day of fun and great riding!


Don’t miss the FINAL MTB event of the 2014 season!Hardwood Singletrack Challenge Sunday Oct 18

presented by


New for 2014 – A dedicated and “secret” 25km loop using the famously popular trails. The “secret” will be that we are completely mixing up all the trails, changing direction, order, features and anything else to make sure this is a unique riding and racing experience

See www.singletrackchallenge.ca for full details and online entry