About the CAN-BIKE Program

Owned by Cycling Canada, the CAN-BIKE program is a series of courses on all aspects of cycling safely and enjoyably on the road. Program development is coordinated through two national committees. Course delivery and administration takes place through CAN-BIKE Delivery Agents, such as provincial and territorial cycling associations, regional instructor committees, community associations, municipal departments, service groups and the efforts of individual certified instructors.

Cycling Canada Cyclisme

Cycling Canada Cyclisme is the internationally recognized body responsible for the organization and promotion of cycling in Canada. Cycling Canada is the umbrella organization for provincial and territorial cycling federations or associations, who promote cycling for all bicycle users.

Cycling Canada develops and supports the CAN-BIKE program through the Education Steering Committee and Education Standards Sub-Committee. These national bodies ensure that there are standardized materials and certificates, maintain records on all instructors and CAN-BIKE 2 graduates, and distribute an instructor newsletter.

Ontario Cycling Association

The OCA is the provincial governing body for the sport of cycling within the province of Ontario and is affiliated with Cycling Canada Cyclisme. The OCA’s role in CAN-BIKE is to be the membership issuing agent for all certified CAN-BIKE Instructors.

Once individuals have successfully completed the course to become a certified CAN-BIKE Instructor, they will be required to obtain a CAN-BIKE Instructor Membership with the Ontario Cycling Association. (Note no membership will be processed without confirmation from Cycling Canada on an applicant’s credentials.)

Course Materials

Any delivery agents looking for course materials should contact Cycling Canada to obtain these items. They are no longer available from the Ontario Cycling Association.

For more information on any of the below, please visit www.canbikecanada.ca

  • The History of CAN-BIKE
  • Types of Courses Available
  • Instructor Training
  • Instructor Materials
  • Course Calendar
  • Private Instructor Contacts


If I hire an instructor what qualifications should they present?

  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Police Records Check if instructing the Kids CAN-BIKE Course
  • CAN-BIKE instructor certification card

What do participants need to participate?

  • A bike in good working order that “fits”
  • A certified helmet that fits
  • A bicycle lock and bell
  • Weather appropriate clothing including closed-toed shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch, snacks and water
  • A liability waiver form may be required