O-Cup #1 Good Friday Road Race – Licence Reminder and Upgrades/ Downgrades

Licences for Good Friday Road Race – Ontario Cup #1

With the Good Friday Road Race just around the corner, this is a reminder to everyone who has yet to do so to apply for your licence ASAP. The OCA recommends considering rush processing for your licence at this late stage if you have still not applied for your race licence.

Category Upgrades/Downgrades

This is a reminder that only riders who have earned enough points the previous season to upgrade may do so automatically. Anyone applying for a category upgrade without the pre-requisite points will need to submit an upgrade request and have approval from the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Committee to be able to move up a category.  

With the Good Friday Road Race being just over a week away, the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Committee has set the following deadlines for requests prior to the race.

Next batch to committee

Friday March 18 – 1pm 

Last Batch for Consideration for Good Friday Road Race ONLY

Monday March 21 – Noon

U17/Junior Upgrades

This year any rider looking to upgrade to race in either the Junior category (2nd year U17’s only) or a Junior aged rider looking to upgrade to Elite MUST submit an upgrade request AND be approved.

Approved requests are only valid for the first two races of the Ontario Cup Season (Good Friday Road Race, Calabogie Classic) as a trial and individuals looking to remain upgraded after will need to submit another request post Calabogie Classic.

Any request for a U17 to Junior or Junior to Elite MUST be received by Friday March 18 at 4pm. Those received after will not be considered for the Good Friday Road Race.