OCA Speed Week Project

The OCA is excited to announce a road racing project for Ontario’s U19 athletes to Speed Week in Athens, GA.  This will provide athletes with multiple races (criteriums) to practice race tactics and team work.

Athletes interested in applying for this project need to email Provincial Coach Sean Kelly [sean.kelly@ontariocycling.org]  stating interest in the project and listing 2015 & 2016 results.

Application Due By: April 8th 2016 at 4:30pm

Athletes will be selected in the following priority order until all the spots for the project are filled. There will be a total of 10 athletes selected to this project. Athletes must be eligible to race U19 at National Championships.

Selection Priority:

  1. OHPSI athletes
  2. QFG Road athletes
  3. Winner: Junior Male, Top Placing U19 in Elite Female (March 25th Good Friday Road Race)
  4. Winner: Junior Male, Top Placing U19 in Elite Female (April 17th Calabogie Road Race)
  5. Coach and HP Committee Choice (Based on this season’s and last season’s performance and results)

Selection Date: April 20th 2016