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2012 Ontario Summer Games - Relay Race

Albion Hills Conservation Area, Saturday, Aug, 18, 2012

Ontario Summer Games 2012


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Team Relay 
RankPointsTeamLapsElapsed  AverageRiderLap 1    RiderLap 2    RiderLap 3    RiderLap 4    
116 * 4Team Central/Timmins448:2012:05Adam Jamieson11:33Marie−Pierre Nadon13:50Jake Sternberg12:10Peter Disera10:47
Captain: Emma Wiechula, Riders: Marie-Pierre Nadon, Adam Jamieson, Jake Sternberg, Peter Disera
215 * 4Team BTG−BCC #1448:2212:06Eric Johnston11:42Martin Rupes11:30Siobhan Kelly14:19William Elliott10:51
Captain: Shane Hollingshead, Riders: Siobhan Kelly, Eric Johnston, William Elliott, Martin Rupes
314 * 4Team Joyride 150 − GTA West450:0112:30Bryan Meyers11:49Emily Thomas14:28Aaron Thomas11:51Jarred Jonker11:53
Captain: Brendan Arnold/Mike Garrigan, Riders: Emily Thomas, Bryan Meyers, Jarred Jonker, Aaron Thomas
413 * 4Team Trek Store451:4412:56Quinton Disera12:12Drew Davison12:46Soren Meeuwisse13:13Kaleb Hellreich13:33
Captain: Glenn Meuwisse, Riders: Soren Meeuwisse, Drew Davison, Kaleb Hellreich, Quinton Disera
512 * 4Team St. Catherine`s Cycling Club453:2113:20Eddie Skala12:15Sarah Fabbro15:21Max Yule12:40Taylor Etzl13:05
Captain: Shawn Conlon, Riders: Sarah Fabbro, Eddie Skala, Max Yule, Taylor Etzl
611 * 4Team Toronto East454:2413:36Aidan Crawley13:38Samantha Fuller15:33Matthew Jefferey12:45Liam Mulcahy12:28
Captain: Rick Meloff, Riders: Samantha Fuller, Aidan Crawley, Matthew Jefferey, Liam Mulcahy
710 * 4Thunder Bay − Black Sheep455:2213:50Laura Inkila15:46Darcy Cornish13:21Vincent Girard13:06Damon Quinn13:09
Captain: Paul Inkila, Riders: Laura Inkila, Darcy Cornish, Vincent Girard, Damon Quinn
89 * 4Team Hardwood/Trek #1455:3213:53Paige Foxcroft14:17Logan Duffy14:41Griffin Lambert12:53Erica Leonard13:41
Captain: Alina Sviridovitch, Riders: Erica Leonard, Paige Foxcroft, Logan Duffy, Griffin Lambert
98 * 4Team BTG−BCC #2455:3913:55Nathan Jeffs13:28Gillian Hague14:47Adam Pugsley14:09Cole Pugsley13:15
Captain: Brendan Matheson, Riders: Gillian Hague, Nathan Jeffs, Cole Pugsley, Adam Pugsley
107 * 4Team Liberty Powered by Clif Bar456:5714:14Caleb Shaver13:06Kristin Brooks18:10Megan Fleury13:57Jack Burke11:44
Captain: Keith Fleury, Riders: Megan Fleury, Kristin Brooks, Caleb Shaver, Jack Burke
116 * 4Team Ottawa/Kingston457:0314:16Trent Gordon13:18Bobby Venier15:02Katherine Maine14:58Jonathan Macaskill13:45
Captain: Ken MacAskill, Riders: Katherine Maine, Trent Gordon, Bobby Venier, Jonathan Macaskill
125 * 4Team Hardwood/Trek #2458:5914:45Cole Schumacher13:14Luke Fex15:48Dana Gilligan15:53Brody Sanderson14:04
Captain: Chris Wong, Riders: Dana Gilligan, Brody Sanderson, Cole Schumacher, Luke Fex

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