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Race Results
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Road - Clarence - Rockland Classic Apr.11.2010

Clarence − Rockland Classic
Rockland, Ottawa, Sunday April 11, 2010
Under 19 Male
Start Scheduled: 10:00 AM Actual: 10:06:43.0 Distance: 85.0 Km Laps: 1 Participants: 2
PlaceBib#NameAffiliated Team/Club / FromTimeGap Speed
Paul Cheney - Chief Official
169Kiernan OrangeRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:25:29.7535.05
DNF20Alex CatafordRocky Mountain−CIBC Wood Gundy
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Clarence − Rockland Classic
Rockland, Ottawa, Sunday April 11, 2010
Over 19 Male
Start Scheduled: 10:00 AM Actual: 10:06:43.0 Distance: 85.0 Km Laps: 1 Participants: 130
PlaceBib#NameAffiliated Team/Club / FromTimeGap Speed
Paul Cheney - Chief Official
11Aaron FillionRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:20:54.2436.19
2105Luc MahlerScott Racing from Ottawa2:23:26.042:31.835.56
312Osmond BakkerLa Bicicletta Elite Team2:23:46.712:52.535.47
447Casey RothRide With Rendall from Bright2:23:48.512:54.335.46
5128Greg ReainRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:24:18.613:24.435.34
6101Peter MeierBrockville Cycling Club2:24:20.363:26.135.33
7136John FeeThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:24:23.753:29.535.32
894Simon HappyRad Racing NW/Montreal, QC2:24:26.543:32.335.31
967Marc Cycling Team2:24:27.383:33.135.30
1034Michael JigginsBrockville Cycling Club2:24:27.913:33.735.30
11142Douglas Van Den Cycling Team2:24:28.893:34.635.30
1271Nathan UnderwoodRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:24:29.823:35.635.29
13129Imad ElghazalKunstadt Sports Cycling Club2:24:33.783:39.535.28
1484Alexandre MichelWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:25:00.074:05.835.17
1532Rodd HeinoTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles2:25:23.184:28.935.08
1645Steve ProulxThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:25:41.374:47.135.01
17149Andrew Cycling Team2:28:00.457:06.234.46
183Glen RendallRide With Rendall from Orleans2:28:00.457:06.234.46
192Ron AmosRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:29:46.148:51.934.05
2072Martin ZollingerRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:30:01.399:07.133.99
2137Brad MartelRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:32:04.9311:10.733.53
2255Jim TsilemosRide With Rendall from Kanata2:32:04.9311:10.733.53
2316Marc BoudreauScott Racing from Ottawa2:32:04.9311:10.733.53
2452Derrick St JohnGarneau−Club Chaussures−Ogilvy Renault2:32:04.9311:10.733.53
25116Christopher ReidRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:33:02.1712:07.933.33
26123Guerin JeanBiogen Idec − QC2:33:04.1412:09.933.32
27132Thomas DevisscherRide With Rendall2:33:09.8612:15.633.30
284Jason CheneyRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:33:10.8712:16.633.29
29130Jan Roubalfrom Sault Ste Marie2:33:13.4212:19.233.28
30120Grahame Cycling Team2:33:15.8512:21.633.28
31140Greg Cycling Team2:33:18.4612:24.233.27
3285Chris MullingtonWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:33:18.4612:24.233.27
3310Mike AbrahamTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles2:33:20.7112:26.533.26
3431Craig HawkesThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:33:28.2212:34.033.23
3543Chris Cycling Team2:33:42.3012:48.133.18
3648Dave RudnickiWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:33:49.9712:55.733.15
3761Erich ZappeRide With Rendall from Orleans2:33:52.6312:58.433.14
3892Dave TomsicThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:33:54.0612:59.833.14
3928Jon GeeRide With Rendall from Osgoode2:34:44.6513:50.432.96
4070David SugdenLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais2:35:36.3314:42.132.78
41141Chris Cycling Team2:36:40.1815:45.932.55
4251Paul SkafelThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:36:41.2315:47.032.55
4318Chris Bruneteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:36:46.5315:52.332.53
4440Steven Morriseuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:37:11.3916:17.232.44
4517Stephan Bowmanfrom Ottawa2:37:28.9416:34.732.38
4615David Bilenkeyeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:39:09.5118:15.332.04
4711Ryan AtkinsEMD Serono Specialized Cycling Team2:39:27.7118:33.531.98
4822Peter ConnRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:39:42.6918:48.431.93
49135Laurent MartelLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais/QC2:39:48.9918:54.831.91
505Stuart Bluntfrom Ottawa2:40:11.6019:17.431.84
5124Norman CowanKunstadt Sports Cycling Club2:40:33.4819:39.231.76
52100Chris BlackRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:41:40.3420:46.131.55
5378Jeff FauldsThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:41:43.5820:49.331.53
54146Zachary Davisfrom Montreal, QC2:41:58.3721:04.131.49
5568Robert OrangeRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:42:47.0621:52.831.33
56124Jean−Christophe Vialareteuro− / Foodery/Nepean2:44:46.4923:52.230.95
5714Michael Bennetteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:44:58.1524:03.930.91
5874Jake Cycling Team2:45:24.2224:30.030.83
5949Peter SchuckRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:45:57.5625:03.330.73
6093Sean WrightThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:47:49.8226:55.630.39
6141Kevin NelsonWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:47:58.2227:04.030.36
6246Drew RapochThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:48:39.0527:44.830.24
6342Paul O`Blenesfrom Ottawa2:48:39.0527:44.830.24
6419Vince CaceresThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:49:11.0328:16.830.14
657Pascal MaraisTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles2:49:29.6328:35.430.09
6696David GerrardOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa2:49:58.7529:04.530.00
67102Robert GatesBrockville Cycling Club2:49:58.7529:04.530.00
6876Marc−Andre Cyrfrom Cantley, QC2:50:10.3329:16.129.97
6933Jay HeinsThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:50:28.0429:33.829.92
7083Rick McEachranDeathRow Velo from Ottawa2:50:42.0529:47.829.88
7191Michael TillWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:51:05.9730:11.729.81
7290Reece RendallRide With Rendall from Orleans2:51:09.5230:15.329.80
7344Patrick PeldaWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:51:29.5030:35.329.74
7477Alexandre Cyrfrom Cantley, QC2:51:31.9430:37.729.73
75117Mason Hanrahaneuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:54:26.1033:31.929.24
7613Douglas BeckettRide With Rendall from Kanata2:54:30.1533:35.929.23
7738Robert McClureOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa2:54:44.1233:49.929.19
78134Shawn MarshallLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais2:54:45.7433:51.529.18
7962Marc BeaulieuLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais2:54:47.0633:52.829.18
80114David GazsiCyclelogik Racing from Ottawa2:54:53.3533:59.129.16
81112Jim McGuirefrom Ottawa2:56:30.9635:36.728.89
828Peter SchattmannOttawa Bicycle Club/Orleans2:56:35.9535:41.728.88
83137Colin CampbellFull Cycle from Ottawa2:57:16.6536:22.428.77
8459Yariv Wolfeeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:57:20.8036:26.628.76
8529Darrin Graceeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:57:20.8036:26.628.76
86108Allen CameronRide With Rendall from Orleans2:57:33.4136:39.228.72
87121Robin BolducRide With Rendall2:57:42.6136:48.428.70
88147Maric Goineaufrom Montreal, QC2:57:43.3836:49.128.70
8950Andre SincennesThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:57:43.3836:49.128.70
90103Codey MayMountainview Cycling Club2:58:39.6637:45.428.55
9125Ian DallingThe Cyclery from Ottawa3:00:33.9539:39.728.24
9236Eric LarsonRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:01:45.7240:51.528.06
9380Terry Hindeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa3:01:50.5340:56.328.05
9495Christophe Caillaudfrom Varennes, QC3:03:45.8842:51.627.75
9581Vytas JanusauskasWest Of Québec Wheelers/Nepean3:04:43.0843:48.827.61
9682Eric Kotlarskyfrom Blainville, QC3:04:48.3843:54.127.60
9786Patrick Murphyfrom Blainville, QC3:04:52.3943:58.227.59
9879Jacques GalarneauOGC Opus from St-Sauveur, QC3:04:54.8044:00.627.58
99138Doug Hoovereuro− / Foodery3:04:55.7344:01.527.58
10053David StachonTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles3:05:11.1244:16.927.54
10173Daniel Baroletfrom Rosemere, QC3:05:19.2244:25.027.52
10257Carl WilkinsOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa3:05:39.4444:45.227.47
10360David Wrighteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa3:08:00.3047:06.127.13
104107Serge TongocRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:10:33.9249:39.726.76
10523Jeff CostelloRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:14:32.6253:38.426.22
10654Alan SteeleRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:17:13.4456:19.225.86
1079Gene VilleneuveRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:20:00.5859:06.325.50
10899Ian AustenOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa3:21:37.751:00:43.525.29
109131Craig Barlowfrom Ottawa3:23:02.781:02:08.525.12
11088Giacomo Panicofrom Ottawa3:23:48.581:02:54.325.02
111145Marc McLaughlinfrom Ottawa3:26:44.601:05:50.424.67
112125Michael Lerouxfrom Montreal, QC3:28:31.401:07:37.224.46
11363Robert−Paul Belleuro− / Foodery3:30:13.401:09:19.224.26
114110Ron PhillipsOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa3:31:56.571:11:02.324.06
11598Herman KerckhottRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:35:41.721:14:47.523.64
116106David Pennetteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa3:39:49.461:18:55.223.20
11797Derik BeierCyclelogik Racing/Sandford3:44:05.961:23:11.722.76
118126Robert Russelleuro− / Foodery/Ottawa4:21:27.032:00:32.819.51
DNF113Andrew Brownfrom Waterloo
DNF139Shawn ClarkeScott Racing from WoodlawnMissing
DNF109Matteo Dal−Cineuro− / Foodery/OttawaSick
DNF115Matt Delucoeuro− / Foodery/OttawaMechanical
DNF122Alexandre FrappierOpus / OGC/St-Hyacinthe, QC
DNF127Sandy FultonThe Cyclery/Ottawa / Nice FRReturned early
DNF35Matthew KnightCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s RacingRan out of spare tubes
DNF143Benoit Lalondefrom Rockland
DNF133Peter Plauntfrom ChelseaHad to go to work
DNF148Steve TimmonsEagle Owl from Toronto
DNF56Nicholas VipondThe Cyclery from Ottawa
DNF144Stephane Wathirfrom Rockland
DNS6Byron JohnsonOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa
DNS89William PoelstraTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles
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Clarence − Rockland Classic
Rockland, Ottawa, Sunday April 11, 2010
Under 19 Female
Start Scheduled: 10:00 AM Actual: 10:06:43.0 Distance: 85.0 Km Laps: 1 Participants: 1
PlaceBib#NameAffiliated Team/Club / FromTimeGap Speed
Paul Cheney - Chief Official
127Emily FlynnEMD Serono Specialized Cycling Team3:20:53.6125.39
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Clarence − Rockland Classic
Rockland, Ottawa, Sunday April 11, 2010
Over 19 Female
Start Scheduled: 10:00 AM Actual: 10:06:43.0 Distance: 85.0 Km Laps: 1 Participants: 14
PlaceBib#NameAffiliated Team/Club / FromTimeGap Speed
Paul Cheney - Chief Official
1119Karol−Ann CanuelVienne−Futaroscope2:31:46.3633.60
258Cynthia WilsonRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:31:47.361.033.60
3118Jenny TrewSpecialized−Mazda−Samson2:36:42.424:56.132.54
421Sarah ConeyStevens Racing Presented by The Cyclery2:42:00.8310:14.531.48
5111Alison InghamRide With Rendall from Orleans2:57:42.6125:56.328.70
665Kari Ferlattefrom Ottawa2:58:13.1726:26.828.62
726Jenny DaltonThe Cyclery from Ottawa3:03:47.4032:01.027.75
875Nicole Crichtonfrom Ottawa3:06:56.3235:10.027.28
9104Sonia Tessierfrom Gatineau, QC3:21:54.8850:08.525.26
1066Josee LamirandeThe Cyclery from Gatineau, QC3:22:46.1550:59.825.15
1164Kim Ferafrom Chelsea, QC3:30:13.4058:27.024.26
1239Tammy McKennaeuro− / Foodery3:31:31.3859:45.024.11
1387Summer Nesrallahfrom Ottawa3:32:37.181:00:50.823.99
DNF30Kathleen HartRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:12:47.88Shortend course
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10 am Start
Start Scheduled: 10:00 AM Actual: 10:06:43.0 Distance: 85.0 Km Laps: 1 Participants: 147
PlaceBib#NameAffiliated Team/Club / FromTimeGap SpeedCategory
Paul Cheney - Chief Official
11Aaron FillionRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:20:54.2436.19Over 19 M
2105Luc MahlerScott Racing from Ottawa2:23:26.042:31.835.56Over 19 M
312Osmond BakkerLa Bicicletta Elite Team2:23:46.712:52.535.47Over 19 M
447Casey RothRide With Rendall from Bright2:23:48.512:54.335.46Over 19 M
5128Greg ReainRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:24:18.613:24.435.34Over 19 M
6101Peter MeierBrockville Cycling Club2:24:20.363:26.135.33Over 19 M
7136John FeeThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:24:23.753:29.535.32Over 19 M
894Simon HappyRad Racing NW/Montreal, QC2:24:26.543:32.335.31Over 19 M
967Marc Cycling Team2:24:27.383:33.135.30Over 19 M
1034Michael JigginsBrockville Cycling Club2:24:27.913:33.735.30Over 19 M
11142Douglas Van Den Cycling Team2:24:28.893:34.635.30Over 19 M
1271Nathan UnderwoodRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:24:29.823:35.635.29Over 19 M
13129Imad ElghazalKunstadt Sports Cycling Club2:24:33.783:39.535.28Over 19 M
1484Alexandre MichelWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:25:00.074:05.835.17Over 19 M
1532Rodd HeinoTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles2:25:23.184:28.935.08Over 19 M
1669Kiernan OrangeRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:25:29.754:35.535.05Under 19 M
1745Steve ProulxThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:25:41.374:47.135.01Over 19 M
18149Andrew Cycling Team2:28:00.457:06.234.46Over 19 M
193Glen RendallRide With Rendall from Orleans2:28:00.457:06.234.46Over 19 M
202Ron AmosRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:29:46.148:51.934.05Over 19 M
2172Martin ZollingerRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:30:01.399:07.133.99Over 19 M
22119Karol−Ann CanuelVienne−Futaroscope2:31:46.3610:52.133.60Over 19 F
2358Cynthia WilsonRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:31:47.3610:53.133.60Over 19 F
2437Brad MartelRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:32:04.9311:10.733.53Over 19 M
2555Jim TsilemosRide With Rendall from Kanata2:32:04.9311:10.733.53Over 19 M
2616Marc BoudreauScott Racing from Ottawa2:32:04.9311:10.733.53Over 19 M
2752Derrick St JohnGarneau−Club Chaussures−Ogilvy Renault2:32:04.9311:10.733.53Over 19 M
28116Christopher ReidRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:33:02.1712:07.933.33Over 19 M
29123Guerin JeanBiogen Idec − QC2:33:04.1412:09.933.32Over 19 M
30132Thomas DevisscherRide With Rendall2:33:09.8612:15.633.30Over 19 M
314Jason CheneyRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:33:10.8712:16.633.29Over 19 M
32130Jan Roubalfrom Sault Ste Marie2:33:13.4212:19.233.28Over 19 M
33120Grahame Cycling Team2:33:15.8512:21.633.28Over 19 M
34140Greg Cycling Team2:33:18.4612:24.233.27Over 19 M
3585Chris MullingtonWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:33:18.4612:24.233.27Over 19 M
3610Mike AbrahamTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles2:33:20.7112:26.533.26Over 19 M
3731Craig HawkesThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:33:28.2212:34.033.23Over 19 M
3843Chris Cycling Team2:33:42.3012:48.133.18Over 19 M
3948Dave RudnickiWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:33:49.9712:55.733.15Over 19 M
4061Erich ZappeRide With Rendall from Orleans2:33:52.6312:58.433.14Over 19 M
4192Dave TomsicThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:33:54.0612:59.833.14Over 19 M
4228Jon GeeRide With Rendall from Osgoode2:34:44.6513:50.432.96Over 19 M
4370David SugdenLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais2:35:36.3314:42.132.78Over 19 M
44141Chris Cycling Team2:36:40.1815:45.932.55Over 19 M
4551Paul SkafelThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:36:41.2315:47.032.55Over 19 M
46118Jenny TrewSpecialized−Mazda−Samson2:36:42.4215:48.232.54Over 19 F
4718Chris Bruneteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:36:46.5315:52.332.53Over 19 M
4840Steven Morriseuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:37:11.3916:17.232.44Over 19 M
4917Stephan Bowmanfrom Ottawa2:37:28.9416:34.732.38Over 19 M
5015David Bilenkeyeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:39:09.5118:15.332.04Over 19 M
5111Ryan AtkinsEMD Serono Specialized Cycling Team2:39:27.7118:33.531.98Over 19 M
5222Peter ConnRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:39:42.6918:48.431.93Over 19 M
53135Laurent MartelLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais/QC2:39:48.9918:54.831.91Over 19 M
545Stuart Bluntfrom Ottawa2:40:11.6019:17.431.84Over 19 M
5524Norman CowanKunstadt Sports Cycling Club2:40:33.4819:39.231.76Over 19 M
56100Chris BlackRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:41:40.3420:46.131.55Over 19 M
5778Jeff FauldsThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:41:43.5820:49.331.53Over 19 M
58146Zachary Davisfrom Montreal, QC2:41:58.3721:04.131.49Over 19 M
5921Sarah ConeyStevens Racing Presented by The Cyclery2:42:00.8321:06.631.48Over 19 F
6068Robert OrangeRide With Rendall/Chelsea, QC2:42:47.0621:52.831.33Over 19 M
61124Jean−Christophe Vialareteuro− / Foodery/Nepean2:44:46.4923:52.230.95Over 19 M
6214Michael Bennetteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:44:58.1524:03.930.91Over 19 M
6374Jake Cycling Team2:45:24.2224:30.030.83Over 19 M
6449Peter SchuckRide With Rendall from Ottawa2:45:57.5625:03.330.73Over 19 M
6593Sean WrightThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:47:49.8226:55.630.39Over 19 M
6641Kevin NelsonWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:47:58.2227:04.030.36Over 19 M
6746Drew RapochThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:48:39.0527:44.830.24Over 19 M
6842Paul O`Blenesfrom Ottawa2:48:39.0527:44.830.24Over 19 M
6919Vince CaceresThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:49:11.0328:16.830.14Over 19 M
707Pascal MaraisTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles2:49:29.6328:35.430.09Over 19 M
7196David GerrardOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa2:49:58.7529:04.530.00Over 19 M
72102Robert GatesBrockville Cycling Club2:49:58.7529:04.530.00Over 19 M
7376Marc−Andre Cyrfrom Cantley, QC2:50:10.3329:16.129.97Over 19 M
7433Jay HeinsThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:50:28.0429:33.829.92Over 19 M
7583Rick McEachranDeathRow Velo from Ottawa2:50:42.0529:47.829.88Over 19 M
7691Michael TillWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:51:05.9730:11.729.81Over 19 M
7790Reece RendallRide With Rendall from Orleans2:51:09.5230:15.329.80Over 19 M
7844Patrick PeldaWest Of Québec Wheelers/Ottawa2:51:29.5030:35.329.74Over 19 M
7977Alexandre Cyrfrom Cantley, QC2:51:31.9430:37.729.73Over 19 M
80117Mason Hanrahaneuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:54:26.1033:31.929.24Over 19 M
8113Douglas BeckettRide With Rendall from Kanata2:54:30.1533:35.929.23Over 19 M
8238Robert McClureOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa2:54:44.1233:49.929.19Over 19 M
83134Shawn MarshallLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais2:54:45.7433:51.529.18Over 19 M
8462Marc BeaulieuLes Rouleurs de l`Outaouais2:54:47.0633:52.829.18Over 19 M
85114David GazsiCyclelogik Racing from Ottawa2:54:53.3533:59.129.16Over 19 M
86112Jim McGuirefrom Ottawa2:56:30.9635:36.728.89Over 19 M
878Peter SchattmannOttawa Bicycle Club/Orleans2:56:35.9535:41.728.88Over 19 M
88137Colin CampbellFull Cycle from Ottawa2:57:16.6536:22.428.77Over 19 M
8959Yariv Wolfeeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:57:20.8036:26.628.76Over 19 M
9029Darrin Graceeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa2:57:20.8036:26.628.76Over 19 M
91108Allen CameronRide With Rendall from Orleans2:57:33.4136:39.228.72Over 19 M
92111Alison InghamRide With Rendall from Orleans2:57:42.6136:48.428.70Over 19 F
93121Robin BolducRide With Rendall2:57:42.6136:48.428.70Over 19 M
94147Maric Goineaufrom Montreal, QC2:57:43.3836:49.128.70Over 19 M
9550Andre SincennesThe Cyclery from Ottawa2:57:43.3836:49.128.70Over 19 M
9665Kari Ferlattefrom Ottawa2:58:13.1737:18.928.62Over 19 F
97103Codey MayMountainview Cycling Club2:58:39.6637:45.428.55Over 19 M
9825Ian DallingThe Cyclery from Ottawa3:00:33.9539:39.728.24Over 19 M
9936Eric LarsonRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:01:45.7240:51.528.06Over 19 M
10080Terry Hindeuro− / Foodery/Ottawa3:01:50.5340:56.328.05Over 19 M
10195Christophe Caillaudfrom Varennes, QC3:03:45.8842:51.627.75Over 19 M
10226Jenny DaltonThe Cyclery from Ottawa3:03:47.4042:53.227.75Over 19 F
10381Vytas JanusauskasWest Of Québec Wheelers/Nepean3:04:43.0843:48.827.61Over 19 M
10482Eric Kotlarskyfrom Blainville, QC3:04:48.3843:54.127.60Over 19 M
10586Patrick Murphyfrom Blainville, QC3:04:52.3943:58.227.59Over 19 M
10679Jacques GalarneauOGC Opus from St-Sauveur, QC3:04:54.8044:00.627.58Over 19 M
107138Doug Hoovereuro− / Foodery3:04:55.7344:01.527.58Over 19 M
10853David StachonTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool Bicycles3:05:11.1244:16.927.54Over 19 M
10973Daniel Baroletfrom Rosemere, QC3:05:19.2244:25.027.52Over 19 M
11057Carl WilkinsOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa3:05:39.4444:45.227.47Over 19 M
11175Nicole Crichtonfrom Ottawa3:06:56.3246:02.127.28Over 19 F
11260David Wrighteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa3:08:00.3047:06.127.13Over 19 M
113107Serge TongocRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:10:33.9249:39.726.76Over 19 M
11423Jeff CostelloRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:14:32.6253:38.426.22Over 19 M
11554Alan SteeleRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:17:13.4456:19.225.86Over 19 M
1169Gene VilleneuveRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:20:00.5859:06.325.50Over 19 M
11727Emily FlynnEMD Serono Specialized Cycling Team3:20:53.6159:59.425.39Under 19 F
11899Ian AustenOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa3:21:37.751:00:43.525.29Over 19 M
119104Sonia Tessierfrom Gatineau, QC3:21:54.881:01:00.625.26Over 19 F
12066Josee LamirandeThe Cyclery from Gatineau, QC3:22:46.151:01:51.925.15Over 19 F
121131Craig Barlowfrom Ottawa3:23:02.781:02:08.525.12Over 19 M
12288Giacomo Panicofrom Ottawa3:23:48.581:02:54.325.02Over 19 M
123145Marc McLaughlinfrom Ottawa3:26:44.601:05:50.424.67Over 19 M
124125Michael Lerouxfrom Montreal, QC3:28:31.401:07:37.224.46Over 19 M
12564Kim Ferafrom Chelsea, QC3:30:13.401:09:19.224.26Over 19 F
12663Robert−Paul Belleuro− / Foodery3:30:13.401:09:19.224.26Over 19 M
12739Tammy McKennaeuro− / Foodery3:31:31.381:10:37.124.11Over 19 F
128110Ron PhillipsOttawa Bicycle Club/Ottawa3:31:56.571:11:02.324.06Over 19 M
12987Summer Nesrallahfrom Ottawa3:32:37.181:11:42.923.99Over 19 F
13098Herman KerckhottRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:35:41.721:14:47.523.64Over 19 M
131106David Pennetteuro− / Foodery/Ottawa3:39:49.461:18:55.223.20Over 19 M
13297Derik BeierCyclelogik Racing/Sandford3:44:05.961:23:11.722.76Over 19 M
133126Robert Russelleuro− / Foodery/Ottawa4:21:27.032:00:32.819.51Over 19 M
DNF30Kathleen HartRide With Rendall from Ottawa3:12:47.88Shortend courseOver 19 F
DNF113Andrew Brownfrom WaterlooOver 19 M
DNF20Alex CatafordRocky Mountain−CIBC Wood GundyUnder 19 M
DNF139Shawn ClarkeScott Racing from WoodlawnMissingOver 19 M
DNF109Matteo Dal−Cineuro− / Foodery/OttawaSickOver 19 M
DNF115Matt Delucoeuro− / Foodery/OttawaMechanicalOver 19 M
DNF122Alexandre FrappierOpus / OGC/St-Hyacinthe, QCOver 19 M
DNF127Sandy FultonThe Cyclery/Ottawa / Nice FRReturned earlyOver 19 M
DNF35Matthew KnightCycle Solutions/Angry Johnny`s RacingRan out of spare tubesOver 19 M
DNF143Benoit Lalondefrom RocklandOver 19 M
DNF133Peter Plauntfrom ChelseaHad to go to workOver 19 M
DNF148Steve TimmonsEagle Owl from TorontoOver 19 M
DNF56Nicholas VipondThe Cyclery from OttawaOver 19 M
DNF144Stephane Wathirfrom RocklandOver 19 M
DNS6Byron JohnsonOttawa Bicycle Club/OttawaOver 19 M
DNS89William PoelstraTall Tree Cycles / Steelwool BicyclesOver 19 M
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