Ontario Cycling Partners with Champion System

The Ontario Cycling Association [OCA] is excited to announce Champion System as an official apparel supplier to the organization.  Champion System has a longstanding reputation for quality apparel and consumer friendly platform. This creates new opportunities to serve our members and to streamline apparel delivery.


This new partnership will allow for an online platform integrated into the CCN portal, creating a one-stop shop for athletes, coaches, and supporters.  They will also assist OCA to design unique, new Provincial Championship jerseys for each championship and year.


From weekend recreational riders to World Tour Teams, Champion System provides a range of kits to meet everyone’s needs. They also offer a FREE “Crash Replacement” for items destroyed due to a crash.


As members of the OCA, new customers to Champion System will receive a 10% discount on their first order.


Interested in learning more about Champion System and their products.  Please contact Wchung@champ-sys.com or visit www.champ-sys.ca


Champion System Canada is a Tribe Solution. www.tribesolutions.com