Petition to the Government of Canada to make truck side guards mandatory in Canada

The Jessica Campaign (“TJC”) is a public advocacy for long overdue upgrades to motor vehicle safety standards and legislation across North America.   Started in Canada following the preventable and needless death of 21-year-old Jessica Holman-Price, M.B., TJC continues to strive to become a leading force behind Canada’s Vision Zero Goals.  Since her daughter’s death, Jeannette Holman-Price, has lobbied tirelessly across North America for our legislators to use the tools that they readily have at their fingertips.

It has been proven over many years in Europe, where truck side guards are mandatory, that side guards save lives. Jessica Holman-Price would be alive today, if the truck involved in her accident was equipped with side guards. The Jessica Campaign has been tirelessly promoting the use of side guards. Some jurisdictions have seen the light and their citizens are safer as a result. Jessica’s Mom has initiated a parliamentary E-petition to petition the Canadian federal government to make truck side guards compulsory in Canada.

You can help by simply signing their petition and sharing with family and friends.  For full petition details and to sign the petition CLICK HERE

For further details on The Jessica Campaign CLICK HERE