Pre-Provincials Bike Check Kiosk

If anyone would like to verify that their bike will meet regulations before attending the Ontario Provincial Track Championships, there will be two opportunities to do so.

During the open drop in sessions at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre on Monday February 29th, and Wednesday March 2nd from 5:00-7:00PM, an OCA Commissaire will be present for all participants to come and have their bike measured*.

If you are riding separate bikes for timed events, or will simply be adding different handlebars to your only bike, feel free to bring those along as they would need a different check.

For those who cannot make either of these sessions, please try to arrive early to the event in order to receive a pre-check before the racing begins, but time will be limited there so it may not be possible to serve everyone.

* NOTE – These sessions are for informational purposes only. Having your bike checked prior to any event does not remove the obligation to have it checked each and every time you are about to participate in an event, nor is it evidence to be used in future discussions about the equipment, as components can be easily moved/changed at any time, even during transport.