Proposed Cycling Television Channel – Needs Your Support!

The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Committee) will consider an application for a cycling themed television channel on February 26, 2014.

The category “B” specialty channel aims to be a general interest lifestyle channel that will cover all disciplines of cycling as well as news, education and product information explains license applicant Andrew Kowalchuk. The proposed channel is currently seeking letters of support from the cycling community and anyone who supports cycling.

Support letter templates in Word .doc format can be found on the website here:

When asked why he made this application Kowalchuk a 25-year veteran of post-production in the film and TV industry said: “I have loved cycling since I was a kid and as a younger person I did a lot of cycle touring.  I commute by bike and try to ride whenever I can.  A few years ago one of my daughters began racing competitively and I got introduced to another aspect of cycling. I spent a lot of time going to races, meeting people, taking photos and shooting video. I quickly found out that the cycling community is filled with amazing people who are extremely passionate about cycling.  I also discovered that the great stories and successes in Canadian cycling were rarely reported by the mainstream press or seen on television.
When I tried to interest people in the TV industry in cycling they told me, no one cares about it, no one understands it, and it’s boring.  I don’t share that view. I believe this application to the CRTC is one step in advancing cycling culture in Canada”

If you love cycling of any kind please support this proposal.
Any Canadian may submit a letter of support, please pass on this this notice.

Completed letters or question can be directed to:

Template letters at:

Website at

Completed letters must be forwarded by Friday, January 24th, 2014 to be considered for the February hearing.