Provincial BMX Commissaire

This year, Cycling Canada is looking to develop some opportunities for interested candidates (Parents, Friends etc.) who would have an interest in becoming a BMX Commissaire in Ontario.

As a commissaire you would be a key person responsible for ensuring that BMX competition is conducted within the boundaries of the UCI, Cycling Canada & OCA regulations.

Why you should become a commissaire?

  • A way to make an active contribution to BMX competition in your Province
  • You have an independent mind and confidence in your free will.
  • You are interested in putting your qualities of organization at the service of your favorite sport.

At Provincial Level:

  • Help facilitate growth of the sport locallyAct as both a participant and an educator
  • Work closely with local organizers to ensure consistency with National/International rule sets
  • Help athletes to understand basics rules


We are now recruiting people who would like to take the Provincial C Commissaire Course online, culminating with an invite for you to apply your new-found knowledge at the Toronto BMX Canada Cup on July 8-9, 2017 in Etobicoke Ontario.

The cost for the course is $25 and you can register now at this link: (for more information:

In this course, you will learn how to prepare for races as a Commissaire, and the rules essential to officiating.

If you are interested please contact