Sunday, Oct 04, 2015

Provincial Championships Category Selection – Please Read

It is that time of year again. The Provincial Championship races are just around the corner and knowing what category to race in can sometimes be tricky but is very important.

UCI Licence Holders- Category Designation

This is a reminder that the category you race in may be different than the category you have raced in throughout the year. Provincial Championship categories are based on National Categories and as such, categories like M1-3, E1-4 are not available.

At the Provincial RR, TT, Hill Climb, and Criterium, you must race the National Category on your licence. If you have an Elite Licence (UCI Category Elite) you must race the Elite race at Provincial Championships. The exception being that E4’s and select E3’s may choose to race the Sportif race should they want to race in a shorter race then the Elite Championship race.

For Masters riders, you MUST have a Master UCI licence to race in the Master race (UCI Category Master 30-39, Master 40-49, Master 50-59, Master 60+, Master 30-39 Female, Master 40+ Female). Anyone who is over the age of 30 but has an Elite UCI Licence must race in either the Elite or Sportif category at provincials. There is no switching to a Master UCI during the season and no exceptions are made at the event.

For those with option licences, please make sure you check your UCI Category before registering. For example:

– Someone with an E1/2 option but a Master 40-49 licence, must race the Master 40-49 race at Provincial Championships.

– Someone with a Master 30-39 licence but races E4 in Ontario, must race the Master 30-39 race at provincials. This is especially important for those riders who are between 30-34 in Ontario as they are made to race Elite in Ontario automatically, but may have selected Master 30-39 for their national code.

– Juniors with S1/2 options MUST race the Junior Provincial Championship race being held at the Horseshoe Valley RR O-Cup.

– U17 Men that have been awarded upgrades to Junior shall only race at the U19 Provincial Championships and be counted as U19’s for the awarding of the U19 championships, but will receive U17 results for provincial carding purposes only. The top 10 U17 Men from the Youth Cup series (after Terra Cotta) will be invited to participate in the U19 Provincial Championships as well, but they may return to compete in the Youth Cup Championships.

Citizen Permits Holders- Category Designation

For all those who currently hold Citizen Permits, at Provincial Road Events (RR, TT, Hill Climb, Crit) you may participate but only in the Sportif category. There are no Citizen Permit Upgrades allowed for Provincial Championship races. If you want to race in a Championship category, please contact the OCA office to arrange to upgrade your membership.

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