Provincial Coach Sean Kelly Leaving OCA

Provincial Coach Sean Kelly has announced he is leaving the OCA at the start of March to assume the head coach position with the Alberta Bicycle Association and Canadian Sport Centre – Calgary.  Over the past four years, Sean has provided great leadership to the OCA High Performance program, specifically relating to road and mountain bike.  During this time, he has increased the number of training camps, created more opportunities for  high level competition exposure and improved athlete preparation for success at international events. In addition to developing athletes, Sean has invested a lot of time in helping grow Ontario coaches, not only through leading NCCP courses but also arranging coach specific camps and PD workshops.  Sean’s passion for cycling is evident in everything he does and it is rare that he would say “no” to helping with anything cycling related. 

The OCA would like to thank Sean for helping develop and inspire many of Ontario’s young athletes.  We wish him all the best with his new position.