Request for Proposal – Ontario Cup Downhill Events / Series


This request for proposal relates to interested parties, looking to bid on a Downhill series of events or a stand alone race. Ontario Cycling is open to new formats when it comes to a day or a weekend of racing. 

The objective of a series or a stand alone event is to provide high-level competition for all levels of athletes. An objective of these events,  is to raise the awareness and increase ridership within the Downhill Mountain bike Series in Ontario. Any Downhill race sanctioned by Ontario Cycling  must conform to guidelines determined by the OCA including but not limited to start order, schedules, race times and course design.

Please submit your application which addresses the following items:

· Marketing of the series or event
· Sponsorship proposal
· Business history
· Plans to grow the sport and sustain current riders

All interested applicants are to respond to by the 12th of December.