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2-2015 Pan Am Boulevard
Milton, Ontario L9T 8Y9
Cross Country - Upgrade List
- 2019-8-12

Cross Country Upgrading List

Updated on Monday, Aug 12, 2019
May Upgrade

The following people have 'Best Three Results' greater than 295 and must upgrade before the next race.

Last NameFirst NameBest3In Category
CarrierSébastien295.95Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
ThibeaultSean295.74Master Sport Men (40-49 years)

The following people have gained enough points to upgrade

Last NameFirst NameBest3In Category
AmosSolomon273.62Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
AndersenRick267.83Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
AyalaGustavo271.56Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
AyalaSebastian261.02Cadet Sport Boys (15-16 years)
BartlettBrodie265.77Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
BeedhamScott269.59Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
BennettJennifer268.47Master Sport Women (50+ years)
BhattiSoban281.95Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
BrinklowTessa279.37Senior Expert Women (19+ years)
BriseboisAlain269.29Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
BrooksMelissa298.11Citizen Women (17+ years)
BrooksOwen274.42Cadet Sport Boys (15-16 years)
BrownMark265.67Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
Brown-SpurrBenjamin265.13Citizen Boys (13-16 years)
CharlesTrevor286.2Citizen Men (17+ years)
Conway-WhiteOliver280.53Senior Sport Men (19+ years)
CornishNoah279.23Junior Sport Men (17-18 years)
CowanDoug270.38Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
CruiseHolt297.67Citizen Boys (11-12 years)
DerrickLynn282.99Master Sport Women (50+ years)
DurandChris284.31Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
FalconerShannon289.39Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
Ferguson-DonaldsonAvrey264.86Junior Sport Men (17-18 years)
FordChris267.Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
GainDon280.94Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
GaleKerry267.13Master Sport Women (35-49 years)
GaltAdam284.13Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
GilliesSarah293.38Cadet/Junior Sport Women (15-18 years)
GirolamettoDavid278.89Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
GoertzKevin266.5Citizen Men (17+ years)
HauberDerek265.03Citizen Men (17+ years)
HawkeKendra275.5Senior Expert Women (19+ years)
HofericaLubomir295.78Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
HornerTrevor267.9Cadet Sport Boys (15-16 years)
HuneBrandon267.24Citizen Men (17+ years)
HérouxAlexander277.68Senior Expert Men (19+ years)
KubackiKamil264.41Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
LamontFarland292.13Citizen Boys (11-12 years)
LangleyTyson268.23Cadet Sport Boys (15-16 years)
LanthierDerek291.89Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
LevinDanny262.01Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
LintonCraig280.94Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
MacKinnonKeith285.57Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
McCurryBruce264.8Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
McDonaldScott280.37Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
McGillivray-KwanKai292.89Citizen Boys (11-12 years)
MorinJoe275.26Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
MorrisAlex263.93Citizen Boys (13-16 years)
MoyerDavid265.73Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
NortheyRandy270.27Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
OzolinsKatie283.16Senior Sport Women (19-34 years)
PalermoMeg291.91Citizen Women (17+ years)
PatenaudeTyler264.88Junior Sport Men (17-18 years)
PatenaudeYves262.78Master Sport Men (50-59 years)
PichardRenée270.98Master Sport Women (35-49 years)
PilgrimKelly264.18Master Sport Women (50+ years)
PurdyThomas268.56Junior Sport Men (17-18 years)
RashotteJason275.2Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
RichardsonCohen275.18Citizen Boys (11-12 years)
ShikazeSarah267.58Cadet/Junior Sport Women (15-18 years)
SliwaTomasz295.26Citizen Men (17+ years)
SmithDoran294.84Citizen Boys (11-12 years)
StanojevicPavle280.31Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
StantonDamien285.23Junior Sport Men (17-18 years)
StantonLillian262.21Cadet/Junior Sport Women (15-18 years)
StantonTammie268.19Master Sport Women (35-49 years)
StantonWally281.64Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
SutherlandCalum260.84Junior Sport Men (17-18 years)
ThomasLilli263.89Cadet/Junior Sport Women (15-18 years)
TrumbleSam269.54Cadet Sport Boys (15-16 years)
van den BoschMike291.87Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
Van WelyNeals276.01Senior Sport Men (19+ years)
VerheyenJeff274.68Master Sport Men (40-49 years)
WallTaylAr290.76Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
WopereisMarten292.26Master Sport Men (30-39 years)
ZammitMatthew275.05Senior Expert Men (19+ years)