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Ontario Youth Cup Road Series

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Bridging the Gap

A gap in youth cycling opportunities was identified two years ago. To address this issue the OCA created a brand new road series that allows youth between the ages 9-16 to experience the speed and thrills of road racing. The series focuses on participation and fun. The series continued to grow in 2009 with more youth riders and higher quality events around the Province. The series is driven at the grass roots support from racers, parents, clubs and officials.

Youth Skills Challenge

In 2014, there will once again be a YOUTH SKILLS CHALLENGE that will have a focus on fun, skills, peak motor development and speed. The new skills challenge will be set up at all Youth Races and will be a good way for our youth to improve on basic fundamentals in a safe and competitive environment.
The Youth Skills Challenge will be divided into 3 age categories: Minime/Cadet (13-16), Peewee (11-12), and Squirt (9-10). Each age category will have a specially designed course full of obstacles and challenges. The aim for the rider is to complete each obstacle/challenge on the course in the fastest amount of time without knocking over the obstacles – which incurs a 2 second time penalty. These skills challenges will commence shortly after each category race has finished. Medals will be awarded to the Top 3 riders in each category!



Click here to download a copy of the blueprints to each category course. Now you can practice at home or at your local park, and it’s easy to set up. We bought wooden blocks at our local hardware store at a cost of only $25, and we set up the obstacle course as shown. It’s easy to follow and you’ll have tonnes of fun practicing your skills. Once you’ve mastered it, show us what you’re made of and come along to any of our Youth Races!



Open to youth aged 9 – 16 as of Dec. 31, 2015

CADET U17 Boy/Girl 15-16 1999-2000 25-30KM 2 – 4 KM
MINIME U15 Boy/Girl 13-14 2001-2002 20-25KM 2 – 4 KM
PEEWEE U13 Boy/Girl 11-12 2003-2004 10-15KM 1 – 2 KM
SQUIRT Boy/Girl 9-10 2005-2006 5-10KM 1- 2 KM

* Age and boy/girl categories may be combined depending on field size.
** The distances are suggested and may be adapted to individual courses.


The participants shall possess an OCA citizen permit.

Series Format

Youth Cup – Stage race for youth featuring a time trial and road race. Placing is based on combined points from the TT and road race for a general classification (GC) result. These races will be awarded maximum series points. In the event that the points are tied the winner will be determined by who has the higher result in the road race.

Series Points per Race

Placing 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th
Youth Cup 25 20 16 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Awards Series

The series winner in each age group will be mailed an engraved plaque. Any ties will be decided at the series finale.


As is usual in other cycling sports the final race or a designated “championship” race determines the champion in each age group. This season the “Championship” race is the CHCH Youth Tour September 6th.

Club Challenge

Points earned by youth racers count towards the OCA Club Challenge. Clubs wishing to be the top road team in Ontario are strongly recommended to encourage youth racing.


The wearing of an approved helmet is mandatory. However, aero helmets are not permitted. Cycling gloves are strongly recommended. The participants are encouraged to ride on a road-racing bicycle however other suitable bicycles may be utilized. No aero bars are permitted. All equipment must be in good repair, have adequate tires and operating brakes.


Gear restrictions are currently in place for the Cadet Category, however all racers and parents are encouraged to learn about gear restrictions and adapt bicycles used by riders under the age of 19 to meet the requirements. Gear restrictions are in place at regional and Ontario Cup road races. Youth series gear restrictions are under review. Click here for more info on gear restrictions.

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