Schedule Update – We Need More Cowbell

Due to the high registration numbers in the E4 and M3 men’s start wave, the schedule has been expanded to provide both categories with their own start times. Please make sure to review the updated schedule and Tech Guide in order to be best prepared for O-Cup #1 this Sunday! The M3 men will start the day off at 9:30 am followed by the E4 men at 10:30 am. All other waves have been pushed back one hour to accommodate for this change.



Sunday September 23rd: Ontario-Cup #1

9:30 am   M3 Men 40 minutes

Gap 20 minutes

10:30 am E4 Men 40 minutes

Gap – 20 minutes

11:30 am U17/U15/U13 30 minutes

Gap – 30 minutes

12:30 pm M2/E3/U19 Men 45 minutes

Gap – 30 minutes

1:45 pm Elite & Master Women 40 minutes

Gap – 35 minutes

2:50 pm M1, E1/2 Men 60 minutes / Single Speed 45 minutes

3:55 – Team CF kids race

The Team CF kids race will be broken down into 3 races-

2 lap race for advanced riders

1 lap for intermediate

Mini lap for all others

All the children need is a bike and a helmet- all participants will get a prize and each race will have 1 or 2 riders assisting. Please try to send an email to: to confirm child’s attendance (this is not mandatory however).

NOTE: Should you have any questions, please contact the OCA office at (416)-855-1717 or