Sponsor The Future of Cycling

Courtesy of KindHuman

We’re flipping the script on how companies sponsor athletes. For too long, athletes were rewarded only for how fast they could go. It’s time to recognize people based on their achievements in life, first. We are inspired by true leaders – on the course and in their communities. We want to reward sportsmanship, humanity and a competitive spirit for the future of cycling through our Take The Lead Cycling Scholarship. 

KindHuman was founded on a commitment to create opportunity through cycling; in everything we do and every product that we make. That’s why we created the Take The Lead Cycling Scholarship to directly support youth cycling.

KindHuman is in search of youth cyclists who need and deserve our help. With the help of the global cycling community, we are actively looking to sponsor one boy and one girl for the 2014 cycling season. We will be giving over $5000 worth of equipment including our debut bike, the Kampionne. Ideal applicants are active cyclists between the ages of 12 and 17. We are looking for young leaders, kids that not only Take The Lead as role models on the bike, but in their classrooms, communities and homes. Because, champions in sport are impressive but champions in life are exceptional!

This scholarship gives reason to our purpose as a company. We created KindHuman to give back to the sport that we love and with the help of you – the global cycling community – we can do just that.

If you know a little leader who is a great role model for the sport of cycling – please direct them to our Facebook Contest Page.

Anyone can contribute to scholarship recipients simply by wearing or riding KindHuman products. Together, we can pave the way for young athletes.