What is Track?

Track racing is an especially exciting, spectator-friendly form of cycling competition in which riders’ race on a steeply banked oval track, or velodrome. The bicycles used for Track racing are very different from regular Road bikes in that they have single-speed “fixed gears”, no shifting and no brakes.  Fixed gears allow a rider to come to a complete stop on the track and balance indefinitely, which can be a useful tactic in certain events such as the Match Sprint.

Currently there are two indoor velodromes in the province.  Forest City Velodrome located in London and the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton, a host venue for the 2015 Pan American Games. Ontario has managed to produce many medal winners at World Championships and Olympics over the past 30 years in the track events!

Selecting a Track Race Category

Please review technical guides for each competition for more information.