The Great Albion Enduro taking a one-year hiatus – will return for 2019!

What would have been the 3rd annual Great Albion Enduro this coming September 15, has been cancelled for 2018. Event organizer Superfly Racing has a packed schedule for 2018 and the rigours of marketing and putting on this event have been deemed too great for the 2018 season. We endeavour to deliver the best possible experience, and want to ensure we can put enough effort into each event.

This event has shown growth over the last two years, and we hope riders will return in goodly numbers for it’s return in 2019. Riders looking for alternative events can look at the Substance Projects racing schedule, or could consider putting in a team in the following weekend’s Fall Epic 8 Hour relay, at Hardwood Ski and Bike presented by Pulse Racing.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, however with 2.5 months notice we feel this gives you more than enough time to make alternate plans for the weekend.

Kind Regards,

Sean Ruppel,
Superfly Racing