Travel to North Carolina

June 4, 2018

Re:         Travel to North Carolina

Recently we received correspondence from a member outlining concerns that North Carolina, a popular winter cycling destination, has adopted legislation that discriminates against Transgender persons. In order to better understand the risk and the repercussions under the Ontario Human Rights Code we sought an opinion from our legal team should discrimination occur during an approved club or association activity.

It is clear that North Carolina has become the focal point for activism regarding their so called bathroom laws and resultant lack of protection for sexual orientation, gender identity and specifically transgender people in the state.   I cannot, from our research or the advice we have received, determine the actual risk of discrimination in North Carolina vs the USA in general. However, what is very clear is that under the Ontario Human Rights Code, we have a high duty of care up to the point of undue hardship to accommodate an individual or individuals that could face discrimination on an approved association activity.

In the interim we will not approve or sanction travel to the state of North Carolina. This will affect all projects, camps and other activities in the state until further notice.

Jim Crosscombe

Chief Executive Officer