Turkey Cross Coming Up!

This years Turkey Cross TCX15 will be pedalling out of the Rockton Fairgrounds on Sunday October 25th. The route will follow gravel paths, grassed slopes under tall tree canopy, pass through barns and alley ways, and over the show ring (possibly hard, possibly turned sand). Located between Hamilton, Cambridge and Guelph, it is easily accessible from all over southern Ontario.

Given that this weekend is Nationals in Winnipeg there may be a few less “speedy” people, which will open up a whole bunch of podium places. With $1200 in cash and $1000 in merch, podium hats, and 3 top category winners jerseys, there is plenty to race for (with 100 pre-reg). Once again, Wellington brewery has provided us with plenty of ‘welly preems’ to be had during the first 2 races.

Registration is online at CCN, and race day will be available at a slight penalty. Waxy’s food truck will once again be there to satiate your hunger.

please note the entrance to the race is not off hwy 8, a dog show is using the front part of the grounds, so we have directed you to enter off 5th concession.   just go north past the front entrance and take first 2 rights, and look for the entry signs.