U15 Upgrades for Track Nationals

Please see information below from Cycling Canada regarding U15 upgrades for Track Nationals.We [Cycling Canada] will allow upgrades from U15 (2nd year) to U17 only for the Canadian Track Championships. There will be no upgrades for other categories (ie: no U17 to juniors).Upgrades to race in the U17 category may be requested according to the following policy:

  • Only 2nd year-U15 can request an upgrade, no exception.
  • Upgrades for team events are allowed as long as 50% of the team (or 2 member in the case of a team of 4)  is racing in their appropriate age category (ie:  a 3-rider team pursuit team  must have at least 1 U17 rider)

o   For the U17, the Team pursuit will be an event for teams of 4 riders over 3km. However, we will allow teams of 3 (for U17 only).

  • Athletes who have posted times, in timed events, that could potentially be top 5 at the Canadian Track Championships in the upgraded category may be upgraded (200, 500, kilo, IP.)
  • Athletes wishing to race in bunch races in an upgraded category must receive the endorsement of their coach and Provincial Sport Organization (PSO). CC may ask for verification of the rider’s ability to ride in a pack.

Upgrades may be requested by the athlete’s coach to the PSO who will contact Cycling Canada to process the request. The athlete (or coach) has to fill the attached document [Click Here].  All requests for upgrades must be received at the Cycling Canada office via fax, mail, or e‐mail (elizabeth.kiraly@cyclingcanada.ca) no later than September 28, 2015. A letter of acceptance or denial will be forwarded to the PSO, coach, and athlete.  Should an athlete receive an upgrade, they will need to present their letter of acceptance to the commissaire at riders confirmation.