2014 MTB Upgrade Points – Cross Country and Downhill

The 2014 MTB Upgrade Points Structure can be found below. Note these points will be awarded at all Ontario Cup MTB-XC or MTB-DH events. Note those eligible to upgrade will have their points posted in the results section of the OCA website after each Ontario Cup beginning after the third race of the season.


Upgrade Points – MTB-XC

New Upgrade Rules for 2014

Based on Upgrade Points earned at best 3 Ontario Cup Races

Sport-Expert – 260 points optional, Mandatory at 295 after Nationals

Expert to Elite – 275 points optional, Mandatory at 295 after Nationals

Subsequently, anyone who has 290+ points at the end of the 2014 season will be upgraded prior to 2015.


The above however does not apply to the Master 55-59 Men, Master 60+ Men, Master 50+ Women or any Master Expert category. It mandatory in-season upgrade also does not apply to the Under 17 Sport category

Anyone wanting to downgrade or upgrade without the pre-requisite points can apply for an upgrade to the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Licensing Committee using the Upgrade Request Form found HERE.


Upgrade Points – DH

Note for the 2014 season, the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Committee has approved the following rules regarding upgrades and downgrades:

Based on Upgrade Points Earned at Best 3 Ontario Cup Races.



Sport Riders- Optional Upgrade to Expert at 260 points, Mandatory at 290 points.

Expert Riders- Optional Upgrade to Elite at 275 points, Mandatory at 290 points.


Elite Riders who do not earn at least 1 TOP 10 result in 2014 in either a DH Ontario Cup or DH Canada Cup event will be downgraded at the end of the season, prior to 2015. 


Anyone who does not meet any of the above criteria who wants to upgrade or downgrade may do so using the formal Upgrade/Downgrade Request form found HERE.