2018 CX Event Calendar

With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, the 2018 Cyclo-Cross season is set to start with a variety of exciting events! This year’s calendar consists of 5 weekly series, 4 regional events, 5 O-Cup races, and the Provincial Championships.

Weekly Series

The weekly series will provide CX enthusiasts with numerous weeks of training and racing across Ontario.

Nordic Cats ‘Cross Club:

This is a no-frills weekly racing and training series started from a group of friends meeting to train for Cyclo-Cross. Focus is fun, getting new people introduced to the sport, and getting in a good race intensity workout. Come out on Wednesday nights from August 22nd – October 31st. All bikes welcome! Races occur rain or shine.  If you’re new to cycling and want to give Cyclo-Cross a try, the Nordic Cats ‘Cross Club is the perfect venue for introducing you into the fun (and sometimes wacky) world of Cyclo-Cross.  If you’re an experienced racer looking to test your limits against some of Ontario’s fastest riders, this is the series for you! To Register: CLICK HERE

Cross @ Centennial:

Join the Midweek Cycling Club at the ski hill at Centennial Park, Toronto on Tuesday evenings this fall. Some of the best CX instructors in Ontario will be on hand to help improve your skills. Every week a new course with new challenges!

Hardwood Wednesday Race Cyclo-Cross Series p/b Velocity:

Join Hardwood Ski and Bike for our 7-week Cyclo-Cross  series. Racers will do multiple Laps of an approximately 3 km open track off-road course, on either mountain bikes or Cyclo-Cross bikes. A fast fun course, with a few technical Cyclo-Cross type challenges and dismounts. The event is designed for all ages and abilities (new or experienced racers). Races start before dusk and finish before dark – no bike lights needed. To Register: CLICK HERE

Spinergy Cycling Cross Series:

Once again, the Durham Shredders are teaming up with Norco and Spinergy Cycling to put on the best CX Series in the city!!  After a hugely successful 2017, there are bigger and better plans for the Series that start on Sept 19 and runs until Nov 7. Featuring a course that is fast, flowing and littered with obstacles, it is a great way to build your skills and fitness mid-week.  There will be draw prizes each week around the camp fire, many nights with free food, and lots of time to share stories and some laughs.  The last 2 nights will require you to dust off your riding lights… which just adds to the excitement!!  Come out and be part of the most fun you will have on a CX bike!!!  Only $10 for U17 and $12 for everyone else.

Eastern Ontario Cross Series p/b the Cyclery

This is the 30th year of the OBC/Eastern Ontario Cyclo-Cross Series! Since the first year, the goal has been to provide good races on a diversity of safe courses that enable riders of all abilities to participate in the sport of Cyclo-Cross. The series is open to anyone with an interest in Cyclo-Cross regardless of ability. The series is both friendly and competitive! Locations: Renfrew Fair Grounds, North Grower, Kin Vineyards, Perth, Renfrew (Mattaway Park), Upper Canada Village, Cornwall, Almonte.

Regional Races:

The Regional races for the 2018 calendar are set to begin on October 6th with Batty Cross and the last event on October 27th at the KWCX. The two other races are the Durham Shredders CX on October 13th and maD Cross occurring on October 20th. Regional races will have upgrade points and riders must register in their ability category.

Batty Cross (October 6th, 2018):

The Halloween themed Cyclo-Cross race will be held on the Batty Family Farm where Emily grew up and learned to ride! This course will feature a corn maze, a trick or treat zone, haunted forest, use of the natural terrain and hills on the farm and many other fun design elements that will excite racers and challenge their abilities!

Durham Shredders CX (October 13th, 2018):

The Durham Shredders Cyclo-Cross race will be held in beautiful Port Hope just a short drive east of the city. It will feature an amazing course with tons of features and challenges, as well as many sections that will test your skills!  This 4km course will meander through the woods, charge up sandy hills, weave between rows of trees and push your fitness to the limit.  This event on private property promises to be the most memorable one of the season with a Durham Shredders BBQ, ample parking, large expo area, tons of prizes and a bonfire!!!  Make sure you put this one on your calendar!

maD Cross (October 20th, 2018)

Join us for the 4th annual cyclocross race weekend featuring maD’ Cross on Saturday and Dam ‘Cross on Sunday. There will be sand, Ontario’s biggest flyover, and lots of fun with the opportunity to win draw prizes, beer and cash! If you’re new to cyclo-cross or if you’ve been wanting to see what this side of cycling is all about, this is the race for you! All bikes and all ability levels are welcome!

KWCX (October 27th, 2018):

The Waterloo Cycling Club presents the first annual KWCX, finally bringing Cyclo-Cross racing to the Region of Waterloo! The race will be held at Bingemans, a family oriented facility featuring an indoor kids play area and arcade both open at 10:00 am. The course contains a sand pit, two short but tough gravel climbs, off-camber descents and a mixture of surfaces through the campgrounds.

Ontario Cups

This year’s Cyclo-Cross O-Cups will start on the second last weekend of September in St. Catharines  with the ‘We Need Even More Cowbell’ event! From there, the series will be followed by a start-studded line-up of events that will surely not disappoint participants. With 5 exciting events on the calendar, riders will test their fitness and technical ability at some fantastic venues. O-Cup  races will have upgrade points and riders must register in their ability category.

We Need Even More Cowbell (September 23rd, 2018):

The 11th edition, powered by St. Catharines Cycling Club, will launch the Cyclo-Cross season on September 23rd in St. Catharines. Featuring a similar course as years prior, We Need Even More Cowbell is a staple event on the calendar for participants to get back on their bikes to have some fun.

Hardwood Cross (October 7th, 2018):

Hardwood Cross returns to the CX calendar on October 7th! For 2018, the course will be similar to the one that was used for the 2014 Provincial Championships which used a number of the features from the 2015 Pan Am Games MTB course. The course is a mix of grass, sand, hard-pack dirt, and double track ski trails. There is 37 meters of climb per lap with one flat barrier and one run up per lap. There are two flyovers and a sand pit. The course combines all of the elements of a great Cyclo-Cross course including a couple of off camber sections, plenty of turns as well as faster sections. It will test the skills of all level riders.

Toronto CX (October 14th, 2018):

On October 14th Toronto CX will prove to be one of the premier CX events of the season. With a 20+ year history, this event continues to impress and excite local and international CX athletes. Coming back to the Ski Hill side, the course will provide a technical, yet fun challenge to all!

Dam Cross (October 21st, 2018):

Paired with the Regional maD Cross, Dam Cross will be held at the ‘infamous’ Pittock Dam in Woodstock, Ontario on October 21st! Located only one hour west of Toronto, Dam ‘Cross will challenge racers with a technical course across grass, gravel, pavement, and sand. Dam ‘Cross will be offering DOUBLE O-Cup points to participants!

Baseball Cross (October 28th, 2018):

Join the Barrie Cycling Club for the 12th annual Baseball Cross on October 28th, 2018 at the Barrie Sports Complex. Expect another fast course with the classic sandpit, staircase and some new changes to keep things interesting! The 3 KM course is developed by professional cyclist and Cyclo-Cross advocate, Davide Frattini. Baseball Cross is exceptionally spectator friendly and a challenge for every rider!

Provincial Championships

Belleville Cross (November 17-18th, 2018):

Belleville Cross is the 2018 CX Provincial Championships!

The event will start on the 17th with a Regional event and the championships will occur on Sunday! The course has several elevation changes, gravel paths, wooded areas, grassy fields, and climbs. Great views of the Moira River adjacent to the race route. Nearby playground facilities for families to enjoy. This is an event you won’t want to miss out!

Pan-American Cyclocross Championships & The Silver Goose C2 (November 3rd – 4th, 2018)

Saturday November 3: UCI C2 & Pan-Am Masters Championships
Sunday November 4: Pan-Am Championships


Saturday (Silver Goose C2/Masters Pan Am Championships): CLICK HERE
Sunday (Elite/Jr/U23 Pan Am Championship): CLICK HERE

More information: CLICK HERE

2018 Shimano Canadian Cyclocross Championships & Lift Lock Cross (November 10 & 11)

Saturday November 10: Shimano Canadian CX Championships (UCI CN)
Sunday November 11: PTBOCX – Lift Lock Cross (UCI C2)

More information: CLICK HERE

Please note: We are diligently working with every organizer to finalize the event paperwork. Once the full event paperwork has been collected and approved for each event, the fully sanctioned events will appear on the event calendar.