2018 Year End Awards – Nomination Form Now Available

The 2018 Ontario Cycling Association Year End Awards nomination process is now open until February 14, 2019 at Midnight. Below you will find the full list of award categories as well as the Year End Awards Criteria. For more specific award criteria, please visit the nomination survey link below.

Note the nomination period will be open form Wednesday January 30 to Thursday February 14 until Midnight.



The Ontario Cycling Association recognizes the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of our athletes, coaches, volunteers, officials, and clubs. Award finalists are member nominated and possess the qualities the OCA associates with performance, excellence and sport achievement.

Nomination Process

The OCA will request nominations from members for each of the Year End Awards listed below. Nomination collection will last two weeks. Nominators AND nominees must be an OCA member in good standing for the 2018 season. (Note exception: OCA Volunteer of the Year Award nominees need not be an OCA member in the 2018 season. The nominator however must still be a member.)

Along with the nomination, nominators will also be required to provide an explanation as to why they feel the individual, club, organizer, etc. is worthy of the award honour. The supporting reasons should be clear and detailed to provide a full understanding of why the nominee is deserving of recognition.

All submitted nominations should meet the pre-defined set of criteria listed for each award. Members may nominate for as many awards as they like however, a maximum of one nomination per award is allowed.  All nominations must be submitted prior to Thursday February 14th 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

How awards are selected

At the conclusion of the nomination period, the OCA staff will review ALL submitted nominations. Three (3) finalists will be selected based on the criteria for the award, and forwarded to the OCA Board of Directors for final voting.

Note: If less than three (3) nominees meet criteria, the OCA reserves the right to limit the final voting of the award to only those who have met the pre-defined criteria for the award.

Once the Board of Directors has voted on all awards, award recipients will be contacted to arrange a pickup of their award plaque at the OCA office, or to have it sent out by courier. Award winners will be unveiled to the general public on the OCA website the week of February 25.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria:

• The nominator MUST be a (2018) member of the Ontario Cycling Association.
• A member, for the purpose of being a nominator or nominee, is defined as anyone who held a (2018) valid:

  • OCA Issued UCI Licence
  • OCA Citizen Permit
  • Affiliate Club Membership
  • OCA General Membership


  • The nominee must be a resident of Ontario and be a member in good standing of the OCA for the 2018 season. (Note the exception to this is the Ontario Volunteer of the Year Award which is open to non-OCA members. See Award Criteria for more information.)
  • The nomination must be based upon accomplishments that occurred in the 2018 season (note for the Cyclocross Athlete of the Year the different time frame below)
  • Any nominations submitted after the cut-off date and time will not be counted.


Ontario Road Awards

  • Ontario Road Organizer of the Year
  • Ontario Road Contributor of the Year
  • Ontario Road Female Athlete of the Year
  • Ontario Road Male Athlete of the Year

Ontario Mountain Bike Awards

  • Ontario Mountain Bike Organizer of the Year
  • Ontario Mountain Bike Contributor of the Year
  • Ontario Mountain Bike Female Athlete of the Year
  • Ontario Mountain Bike Male Athlete of the Year

Ontario Athlete, Volunteer and Special Recognition Awards

  • Ontario Track Athlete of the Year
  • Ontario Cyclocross Athlete of the Year (November 2017 – December 2018)
  • Tim DaSilva Ontario BMX Athlete of the Year
  • OCA Volunteer of the Year
  • Board of Directors Special Recognition Award

Ontario Youth Awards

  • Most Improved Youth (9-18) Female Athlete
  • Most Improved Youth (9-18) Male Athlete
  • Most Sportsmanlike Youth (9-18) Female Athlete
  • Most Sportsmanlike Youth (9-18) Male Athlete

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