4th Annual OCA OHPSI February Excellence Camp – Buellton, California Day 8-9 Report



4th Annual OCA OHPSI February Excellence Camp – Buellton, California

Day 8- We headed up again to Fig Mountain this time with a much larger group.  This time unlike the last we actually knew where the top was.  As we began the climb it was very calm no one wanted to go out to fast, as the gravel section and strava segment was near.


As we hit that the group blew up with small groups forming.  We reached the end of the gravel and at the bottom of a short decent a lot of the group got back together.  Then as we began the to go up again the stronger climbers began to pull ahead.  This time up the climb felt a lot shorter as we all knew where the top was, it also wasn’t as windy, which made it feel a lot easier.  We then began the descent down to “Lost Olives”.

It’s a nice decent but with a few blind corners and somewhat narrow roads.  When we reached the bottom my back was too sore to go out for the longer ride, so my day was done and I headed home.  Other groups headed out for longer 120+km rides.

When everyone arrived back most people were pretty tired and the nightly ritual began.  Eating, rolling, stretching, and of course tons of ping pong before the nightly meeting and we hit the hay.

-Bayley Simpson

Day 9- Today started off with an early morning gym session where we went through Chris Chapman’s workout regime. After finishing at the gym we headed back for an in depth nutrition talk from nutritionist Dave V.

He then gave us a challenge to create a hot and cold meal for six people with a fifty-dollar limit. We assembled into the three assigned teams, and came up with meal ideas. The van left for the grocery store with a 45 minute shopping limit. Team 2 was the only team to go bellow the fifty-dollar limit at an impressive 38 dollars.

When the teams got back, we had one hour to prepare both meals. Once prepared, the teams all met up in the clubhouse to test out each other’s food.  The food was all very good and Dave was quite impressed.

It was time for the judging. Team 1 made the best dish and Team 2 won the overall best dinner.  Overall another great day at the 2014 OCA California Camp!

-Connor Byway