Paris to Ancaster

April 28, 2019 all-day
Ancaster, ON
John Thorpe & Tim Farrar

For over a century the roads of northern Europe have been home to the toughest bicycle races in the world. The most famous of these, Paris to Roubaix, takes place each spring over brutal cobblestone roads that have been preserved in their historic condition for over 100 years. Inspired by this classic race, the Paris to Ancaster has taken place for the past twenty five years over the roughest farm lanes, trails and gravel roads we can find. Combined with unpredictable spring weather and the largest field of riders assembled in Canada, it has become a classic race experience for everyone from average riders to Canadian Olympians. Join us on April 28, 2019, our 26th annual event, to become part of the history of this unique race.

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to Nov 30


Dec 1 – Feb 28


Mar 1 – Apr 22

P2A 20km $35.00 $35.00 $35.00
P2A 40km $55.00 $60.00 $65.00
P2A 70km $75.00 $85.00 $95.00
VIP Experience $205.00 $205.00 $205.00
Let’s Ride Kids Course $30.00 $30.00 $30.00

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