Gear Restrictions – Youth Cup Road Series

The 2015 Ontario Road Youth Cup Series will be “rolling out” gear check for ALL competitors at all Youth Cup events. It has been considered for the past few seasons however, and was partially implemented for U17 racers last year, but for 2015 we have decided to implement the rule for all racers for the following reasons:

• To ensure a fair and equal competitive basis for all involved

• To limit the competitive advantage of athletes who mature early

• To increase the relative importance and thereby development of racing tactics

• To encourage development of technique and ability to produce power at high cadence

• To reduce the risk of overuse injuries

All athletes racing in the U17, U15, U13 and U11 categories will be rolled out at Cycling Canada’s distance for U17 riders, of 7.12 meters. We encourage parents to buy a Junior cassette (typically starting with a 14t sprocket), locking out the lower gears which will allow them to pass roll out. The OCA is going to have a mechanic on site to help out those athletes who have issues with their gearing at the first event. Gear ratios that work for 700c wheels include (distance is approximate and actual rollout will depend on tire size): 50 x 15 = approx. 7.0m52 x 16 = approx. 6.8m53 x 16 = approx. 7.0m

U17 athletes racing up at the Ontario Cup Junior level will be permitted to use Junior gearing (7.93m or 52 x 14) however U19 athletes upgraded to the Ontario Cup Elite level will still be required to use Junior gears. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Endurance Development Coach Sean Kelly at

Click HERE for a calendar which outlines all of the Youth Cups for 2015.

Registration is now open for the first Youth Cup of the year, right here in the GTA – Morning Glory Youth Cup p/b Honda. If you’re a parent and want to race, there is a Citizen level Criterium taking place on the same circuit in the afternoon.

Click HERE to sign up for both!